Tuesday, October 6, 2015

III 1. Supposedly

What actually happened that night was difficult to explain. The demons and Zoe felt a sudden energy arise from the ground and fall heavily on them. It was just like when a big guy gets off bed and a few seconds later, jumps back on it. That was why the earth shook a little.

"What just happened?"
The humans hurried to Zoe and Mehrdir in worry. They have never felt something like that before. The earthquake was abnormal. It felt like a bomb exploded somewhere deep in the ground.

"Someone opened another hole." Gakhas announced. Chen was standing next to him and it amazed him how monotone it sounded.

"Is there something that can touch you, at least a little bit?" Gakhas stared at Chen for a few minutes before he cracked a sarcastic smile.

“I’d shut up if I were human.” The human didn't seem pleased. The smile disappeared quickly and Gakhas rolled his eyes.

"That's not important now. Guys, there is another hole and we have no idea where it is!" Ezekiel was getting stressed by himself. Zoe looked like nothing big happened but then again, she's already been to Hell a few times.

"Demons are crawling up to Earth as we speak. This isn't about us anymore. It's about the war." Eneizar was always the one to explain the situation at hand. Zoe rubbed her hand and remembered her Christmas present.

"Midnight," She mumbled. Zoe looked at the clock on the wall and realized it was long past midnight. She bit the inside of her cheek and looked outside. "My apartment will be taken over again." She continued disappointingly.
Zoe could already see the demons invading her personal space all over again.


They wanted to leave the party, just like a majority of the guests. Tory left a few minutes after the earthquake but she figured it was for different reasons.

"What should we do? We can't leave or your parents will become suspicious." Ezekiel whispered.

"I don't care. But I do have someone I want you to meet." Zoe turned to her grandmother. The old woman seemed uncomfortable. Good.

Everyone followed Zoe to that certain, interesting person No one knew what that woman had to do with anything but they learned not to question Zoe. Well, except Mehrdir. He could practically do anything and she would be fine with it. However, it seemed he decided to let her act by herself that night.

"Guys, this is my grandmother," The humans bowed in respect while the demons couldn't care less. "She was supposed to be the commander in my family." Suddenly, the mystery unveiled and it became interesting.

"But the title doesn't go along the bloodline necessarily." Mehrdir added. The old woman frowned. She didn't know that back then.

"I know. I got the title as a payback." Zoe glanced warily at her grandmother. Even Eneizar was surprised. He looked at the old woman and chuckled bemusedly.

"I heard there was someone who made a pact with Asmodeus a long time ago. He erased the sign and Beelzebub had no other choice but to pass it to someone else," The vanity demon started.
Zoe's expression was really hard to decipher. Mehrdir grabbed her hand in comfort but she only clenched it tightly.

"You made a deal with Asmodeus of all people?!" Zoe tried to act quietly but her grandmother was testing her nerves.
On the other side, the old woman was confused. She didn't ask for his name, truthfully. Zoe was getting really angry and she was grabbing the attention of the remaining guests therefore, Ezekiel smiled and waved at them nervously, trying to cover the tension.
"That bastard is one of the worst, grandma. If anything, you should have just lived with it." Her tone was cold and strict, even for a mad person.

"Zoe, your eyes," Her grandmother got fascinated. Zoe's eyes had a yellow circle in the middle, looking like it was pulsating. She leaned in unconsciously but Eneizar pulled her back quickly.

"Let's not die yet, grandma." He mumbled after he got her far enough from Zoe’s eyes. The woman froze when the demon touched her. He was cold, like icy cold.

"These, are they demons?" She pointed at everyone. Zoe shook her head and grabbed Jasper's hand. She could feel him try to understand what was going on.

"This is the young inheritor." Grandma's eyes widened before staring at him intently.

"He doesn't look like one," Zoe narrowed her eyes at her grandmother.

"He doesn't have to. Only I can see how the inheritor looks like." The woman nodded and took a step back. "The watch you gave me, it was a present from Beelzebub to his lover, wasn't it?"
Eneizar's eyes widened in amusement and snorted. The night was getting better, in his point of view.

"Yes." Zoe could hear Ezekiel talking to Chen behind her. They were whispering but she couldn't make up what they were saying. "It was a present for her and for the baby. I don't know much about it. Your grandfather got it from an old lady when he was young."  Of course, her grandfather knew.

"Why did you give it to me?"
The older woman opened her mouth but Eneizar interrupted right before she could get a word out.

"The watch can turn tables around. It can touch something very, very deep in Beelzebub. And I mean extraordinarily deep."

"It's because the commander is his daughter." Gakhas added. He got hit by Chen. "What? Didn't Eneizar say it a few minutes ago?" Chen rolled his eyes. That demon was something.

"Daughter?" Both Lestrade women asked in synch. Mehrdir sighed heavily and pointed at the stairs.

"We should find a room and talk about it in silence." Everyone agreed.


They chose Zoe’s room since it was really far from the commotion downstairs. Ezekiel touched the door frame and flinched. He could feel anger radiating from there and he wasn’t even fully inside. His eyes moved around and he realized the room was blank. It felt a lot like isolation and sadness; it looked nothing like he imagined.

Zoe turned to Eneizar as soon as they entered.

“Tell me about the daughter.” The vanity demon chuckled and patted her head like she was a puppy.

“The woman was pregnant with Beelzebub's child. He supposedly loved her.” Unconsciously, she glanced at Mehrdir. The greed demon was sitting on the bed, next to her grandmother. Zoe didn’t know who looked more uncomfortable between the two. “But of course some other people decided to mess around and he almost killed her. That was when Beelzebub decided to give her a watch that contained a protection seal. We can say she started to live in her own little safe bubble.” Eneizar laughed at his own joke. When he noticed no one was getting it, he stopped and coughed his shame away. “Anyway, the seal only works for the commander.”

“What exactly does it do?” Chen was –surprisingly- asking the right questions.

“Depends. I don’t know for sure but it can send an alarm to Beelzebub or something,” Zoe remembered the inscription on the inside lid.

“Or angels,” She mumbled to herself.  Eneizar raised an eyebrow and glanced at Iaosur and Mehrdir. The greed demon got on his feet and walked towards her.

“I doubt angels would come and rescue a demon.” Zoe stared ahead and thought carefully of everything she went through.

She could picture the difference between Belial and Beelzebub. The two were both dangerous demons and they both had a common link. She had to find what that link was. Belial said clearly that he wasn’t going to take sides but that didn’t mean he couldn’t spy and leak information here and there.

“But I’m not a demon yet.” Zoe stated firmly. Eneizar scoffed and looked down at her.

“Uh, yes you are. Just because you’re not dead yet doesn’t mean anything. You already embraced your fate. You are one of us.” Iaosur glanced between Eneizar and Mehrdir. They weren’t telling her something very important and it was bugging him.

“It’s my entire fault, isn’t it?” Zoe turned to look at her grandmother. It was hard to sink in so much information but she got the overall image. “I cursed you with this title and now you can’t-“ Zoe shook her head and stopped her.

“No. It is your fault that I’ve been cursed but that’s all.” Zoe sighed and rubbed her eyes. “Look, grandma, most commanders live peacefully and die peacefully if they don’t acknowledge their title. I didn’t do that.” The old woman frowned. “I killed a few thugs when I was in Japan. I’ve already been in Hell a few times and I’m not exactly ignoring the weird things around me. These demons-“She pointed and each of them. “-they are mine.” She heard someone cough. “Except Gakhas, I signed all of them. They are my demons and I’m going to lead them towards whatever awaits me on the other side.” The woman got up quickly and grabbed her niece’s hands.

“But you will die, Zoe. You will be doomed to live this unfortunate life forever!”
Zoe noticed the innocence and fear in those brown eyes of her grandmother. It was so uncomfortable to look at them. Maybe she changed more than she imagined.

“I know,” The males were all curious how she was going to respond. After all, she had always complained and tried to brush that fact off. Maybe she was still human –even though she almost died a few times- but it was only a temporary vessel. “I’m ready to die.”
Suddenly, Ezekiel felt pressure on his chest when she stated that. His eyes widened and he stumbled back. He leaned against the door and gulped. Chen glanced at Ezekiel over his shoulder and noticed his body trembling.

“Ezekiel?” The human asked his best friend worriedly.
Zoe’s head turned towards her best friend as soon as she heard Chen’s tone. He was scared. She would have been too if she wouldn’t have blacked out that instant.
“What the heck is going on? They both fainted!”
The demons stared at each other in confusion. They had no idea what was going on.

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