Thursday, September 3, 2015

7. How He Met Her Mother

The voices started to fade as the men were getting away. Two levels below, Abby and Evan were trying to keep their balance on the window sill of his neighbor. He had many questions for her.

They went down two levels so it was no problem to go two more. Evan almost fell but she caught him in time. Luckily, the building wasn't tall and they had strong and large window sills. But they had to be careful how they were falling because one wrong move could get them killed.

When Evan got on the ground, he felt like he didn't have any power in his legs anymore.

"Your height is a problem because it adds to the weight of the sill." She sounded so normal.

"I'm not going to apologize for my height." He responded, a little bit offended. She chuckled and patted his back.

"You did a good job for a beginner. But that's the least of your concerns." He didn't like how that sounded. Danger wasn't his style.


"What are we going to do? They know where I live and I'm sure they know where you live too. We have nowhere to go." He became very talkative. She was very silent.

Actually, she was thinking about a lot of things. They had to find a safe place and the only one she could think of was her home. Unfortunately, there was a big chance for her father to be there.

She glanced at Evan who looked tired. Jumping on window sills wasn't exactly something common for him.

"Let's go to my house." He frowned.


He didn't know what to expect -and maybe didn't really have any expectations- but reality was amazing. They were in Solihull in a place were mostly politicians were living. They stopped in front of a big gate at the end of the street and she called the intercom.

"Who's there?" The person inside sounded more tired than he was.

"Abigail." They didn't hear anything for a few minutes. She rolled her eyes and called again. "Come on, mom. Open up!"

"I'm not the one who left home in the middle of an important internship and then got in scandals!" Her mother sounded furious. Abby glared at the little device.

"If you don't open the door, I'll call the press and give them the details of that Hanging case you hold so-" The intercom buzzed and the gate opened. Abby smiled and winked at a perplexed Evan.


"It feels surreal." She chuckled. "I mean, you don't act like you are rich. I thought you didn't even finish high school." Her happy face dropped quickly.

"Look, there were some circumstances." He nodded understandingly but didn't look convinced at all.

"What about your mother?" She rolled her eyes.

"Ignore her." When they got in front of the door, she grabbed his arm and pulled him back a little. "I'm serious. Ignore her by all means. She is a sly fox and will try to get answers from you. It's better if we don't involve family." He raised an eyebrow. She was acting suspiciously again.

"What do you want me to do? Run every time I see her?" She nodded. "I can't do that."

"Then agree with whatever she says. It's better than having a conversation. Act dumb or something." He scoffed.

“You’d know how to do that best, right?” She narrowed her eyes at him and opened the door.


Surprisingly, no one was there to welcome them. Actually, it felt quite cold. As they got further into the house, he realized something.

“You don’t have butlers.” She didn’t respond to him. He realized he probably hit some sensible chord and she was going to ignore him for the rest of the time.

That suddenly changed when she stopped in front of a door that led to the basement, from what he could remark.

“It’s locked, of course.” She mumbled. She tried it a few more times but the door wouldn’t budge. She sighed and turned to him. “Stay here.” She walked towards the stairs in the hall and suddenly turned to look at him once again. “If you see my mother, run.” She kept her firm gaze on him until she got up.
He sighed and rubbed his back. The house was big. There were slim chances for him to meet her mother. He walked into the living room and got mesmerized by a certain painting. It was a family picture. He was amazed how serious and somehow, up class Abigail looked. Her father seemed like a strict man, mostly because he was dressed in a military uniform. He had to give her that. He was intimidating in a picture so he was probably worse in real life. On the other side, her mother looked very young and friendly.

“Hello.” He froze. He already knew who was behind him. He turned slowly and tried to act as nice as he could.

“Good evening.” He chuckled nervously. The woman from the painting was right in front of him and she didn’t look at all different. She was still young and pretty. However, she didn’t seem friendly at all. If anything, she looked ready to kill him.

He gulped and realized that maybe Abby was right.


Abby entered her old room and looked for that little music box she had long hid in the back of her drawer. She smiled when she found it in the same place.

“Abby,” She frowned. Very slowly, she glanced over her shoulder at the newcomer. She sighed in relief when she met Lucy’s smiley face.

“You scared me. Don’t do that serious voice ever again.” She grabbed the music box and hid it under her shirt.  She intended to walk out as fast as she could but Lucy closed the door in front of her sister.

“We have to talk about something.”Abigail gulped. “I’m pregnant.” She didn’t expect that word to come out of her sister’s mouth. “I’m going to have a baby.”


“Um-“ Abigail’s mother walked in and sat near the window. It was interesting how different she looked from her daughter.

“Are you from a poor family?” She asked bluntly. His eyes widened. That was very direct.

“I wouldn’t say poor. We’re normal.” She raised an eyebrow and moved one leg over the other. “My name is Evan. I’m a friend of your daughter.” She chuckled.

“I heard that before. Maybe too many times. Are you involved with the mafia?” He gulped. She hit the dangerous spot.

“Not exactly. I’m a student. IT student.” Mrs. Lincoln looked at him and inspected him from head to toe.

“You don’t look like an IT student. You look like a playboy.” She wasn’t holding it back, was she? Besides, it sounded strangely familiar.

“I-“ She made a sign to him to shut up.

“Come and sit here.” She patted the place next to her. He walked there and warily sat next to her.

“I’m not her boyfriend and I’m not a bad guy.” He said quickly. He found that vital for his life. She raised an eyebrow and stared at him blankly.

“I know.” Suddenly, her whole face brightened and she leaned towards him. “Do you want to see baby photos of Abby?” He blinked in confusion. What was going on?


“Why are you telling me this?” Lucy started to tell her life story. Well, maybe not her whole life story. “Why not tell mom? She’s the doctor.” Lucy narrowed her eyes at her sister.

“She’s a forensic doctor. She works with dead bodies.” Abby rolled her eyes. “So, what do you think I should do?”

“Tell her. She is a doctor, no matter what you say. She’s going to find out soon.” Lucy sighed and leaned on the bed.

“But I don’t want to get married yet! I have a project in Paris this winter!” She started to whine and act like a baby. That was normal. She was the youngest and the most pampered one.

“You are a fashion designer. You can work if you’re pregnant. And I’m sure mom won’t force you to get married.”

“But dad would. I’m going to stay with Matt for a while. I can hide there.” Abby chuckled and leaned next to her sister.

“He’s always been our hiding spot.” Lucy agreed. Their older brother had authority in front of their father. He was the best hiding spot in the family.

“Oh, by the way. You came with a guy didn’t you?” Abby got up quickly. “Mom’s downstairs if-“ She didn’t even finish her sentence and Abby sprinted out of the room.

She was on the stairs when she heard her mother and Evan laugh. She prepared herself mentally for what was going to happen.


“This is Abby?” Mrs. Lincoln nodded.

“She was a cute baby. I thought she was going to take after me but she went with her father.” Evan was intrigued. “She chose the academy against medicine. Actually, none chose my path.”

“You are a doctor?” She nodded.

“I’m a forensic doctor. I work at the morgue. But there are some amazing cases I worked on! Do you want to hear about them?” Her eyes enlightened and she became very excited. She definitely liked what she was doing. “I even have photos and if you’re interested enough, I have files containing some little parts of the corpses.” His eyes widened. She leaned back and sighed happily. “I’m glad you came to visit.” He was freaked out.

“Evan let’s go. I found what I was looking for.” Mrs. Lincoln glared at her oldest daughter.

“Now, Abigail, don’t appear out of nowhere and scare me.” The young adult rolled her eyes. “Besides, I was sharing baby photos with your boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” She hissed. Mrs. Lincoln chuckled and looked at Evan.

“But I’d like him to be.” The poor boy blinked in astonishment. Something in her eyes was forcing him to agree with her. It was so weird.

Thankfully, Abigail interfered.

“Lucy has something to tell you. She’s waiting for you in her room.” Mrs. Lincoln raised an eyebrow.

“She’s pregnant.” Abby wasn’t surprised at all. Her mother was very perceptive; maybe too perceptive for their own good. “Well, then,” She got up and smiled at Evan. “If she wants to tell me, who am I to say no?” She grabbed the albums and placed them in the library. She glanced at Evan for one last time before he walked towards her daughter. “I like him.” She whispered right before she went upstairs.

“Come on.” Evan got on his feet and followed her to the same basement door. She took out a small music box and opened it. The song was Fur Elise but it sounded a little broken. She took a key from a secret compartment and unlocked the door. He took a step forward and leaned in for a peek.

“What’s down there?” He asked warily. He was reluctant to enter. She chuckled evilly and leaned over his shoulder.

“The basement.” She whispered. She laughed and went in. He could only stare at her and shook his head. That weird side of her was always kicking in mysterious situations.

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