Tuesday, September 1, 2015

6. Magic Number Three

Under special circumstances and with a lot of effort, Evan agreed to go with Abby to her house. Her actual apartment was shabby. He couldn't believe how small and uncomfortable it was. But it did have a decent bathroom and kitchen. Her room was a total disaster. 

"What did he say exactly?" She asked. He stopped inspecting the place and turned to her.

"He kidnapped my brother and wants me to do something for him." Abby raised an eyebrow and leaned against the door frame. 

"What exactly? Give him money? Rob a bank?" He continued the interrogation. He narrowed his eyes at her and scoffed. 

"He said you can help." She seemed genuinely surprised. Actually, she was acting completely different than what he imagined. She wasn’t panicking at all. If anything, it looked like she knew exactly what to do and she had been through that before.

"With money?" He shook his head.

"Getting his son out of prison." He responded. She frowned. Well, she didn't expect him to have so much information on her and her family. "How are you going to get him out anyway? You're not working in the police department, right?" She nodded.

"But my brother does. And my father knows the Deputy Chief. He knows I can get his son out for sure." She mumbled. He walked to her and grasped her arms. He pulled her close and shook her slightly. 

"You have to help me. My brother's life is on the line!" The face she did was not optimistic. She didn't have any information on that guy and it all depended on it. 


"Where are we going again?" He asked. Evan was like a shadow. She only walked out to call her brother and he thought she was going somewhere.

She stopped near a pharmacy and gave him money. He was confused.

"What's this for?"He asked before he looked at her in confusion.

"Pills. Go take some. You need them badly." He glared at her. She turned her back to him and called her brother. 

She was waiting for him to pick up when she noticed someone on the other street. He was watching them with eyes that held no sympathy or empathy. She turned the phone off and glanced at Evan. She pushed him harshly in the pharmacy and put her finger on her lips. 

"They're watching us." She whispered. He turned his head towards the window when she hit him and got his attention again. "Don't be so obvious." 

"You shouldn't be obvious. You whisper like we hide some crazy murder." She scoffed and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She noticed people from the corner of her eye. They weren't alone. She laughed nervously and pulled him close.

"I'm pregnant. But our parents don't know yet." She lied with a disgustingly wide smile on her face. The old lady and clerk smiled and congratulated her. "Do you have something to calm my nerves and make me think properly?" The clerk nodded. She bought an entire box of sedatives and pushed them in his hands. He realized those weren't for her. The pills were for him. 

They didn't have a choice but to walk out. The man wasn't there anymore. 

"I don't need sedatives. Besides, I have to call my parents and-" Both his and her phones vibrated. He got a message while her brother called her back. 

"Bro, I got in trouble." She flinched at whatever he said on the other side. "Yes, again. But this one has to do with the mafia." She moved the phone a little from her ear. "Nothing happened to me but Evan's brother was kidnapped. They don't want money. He wants his son out of prison." She nodded a few times at what he was saying. "Ok. I'll wait for you to call me back." She hung up and turned to Evan. He was furiously writing texts. She leaned over his shoulder and peeked.  "I'm sorry but something came up and we can't meet tonight. It's nothing too serious, don't worry. See you tomorrow."She read it out loud. He glanced at her and turned his phone off. "It's actually very serious. We might not get his son out if he did something extremely bad. In that case, we'd have to rescue him." 

"That's impossible. I don't even know how to shot a gun." She smirked and winked.

"I do." Of course. She was a suspiciously dangerous weirdo. 


"Why are we sleeping here?" He asked.

They ended up in her apartment, on her small bed.

"Because this is where I live." She mumbled groggily. She was trying to sleep.

"Let me rephrase that. Why am I still here?" She sighed and rolled on her side so she could face him.

"Because it's too dangerous to be alone right now." Her response wasn't very reassuring.  He tried to get comfortable but he couldn't. He fell off when she rolled back. 

"That's it. Let's go to my place." She chuckled. That sounded so nasty.


Surprisingly, his apartment was very clean. It didn't look like a guy was living there at all.

"You don't spend too much time here, do you?" She asked as she looked around. He shrugged. He had to spend nights in the university before. And sometimes he was working the entire night. 

"I'm busy." She snorted. 

"I'm sure you are. You got accustomed really fast to that love hotel." His head snapped to her and noticed her expression. She was teasing him with no remorse. "You got quite perplexed when you heard that porn movie in our room. Must had been some time since you last got laid, right?" He was blushing heavily even though he didn't have a reason to. 

"That doesn't-" 

"Concern me. Got it." She eyed a picture in the corner and walked there. "Is this your girlfriend?" He narrowed his eyes and walked there. She took the picture before he even touched it. She hurried towards the couch and smirked. "She's a little plain but that can change if she uses a little make-up. Also, don't let her wear this ugly yellow sweater anymore. It makes her look chubby and I'm pretty sure she isn't." He closed his eyes and tried to block her voice out. "Was she your first?" He felt his eyebrow twitch. "Or maybe you have been hers?" That did it. He turned to her and ran after her. Instead of giving up easily she ran away. 

"Give me the photo." He urged her. She shook her head and grinned.

"You didn't answer my questions." She was very witty for how much trouble they were in. He moved after her but she moved away. He tried to catch her but the couch was in between. He tried to take the other side but she wasn't stupid. "This is the only way I can make you talk about your life. Now spill it." 

"She's just a friend. And I gave her that sweater." She chuckled and leaned on the kitchen stool.

"You have feelings for her. That's why you don’t tell her everything and you were so scared of what she will think you did in Portobello." Her statement was on point. He glared at her and hopped over the couch. He barely touched her when she ran behind the kitchen stool. 

"Then let me ask you something too. Why didn't you ask your brother to help us when we got in trouble in the first place?" She raised an eyebrow and smirked tauntingly. 

"I told you before, didn't I? I told you there is something you might want to know about me. But you didn't listen and just brushed it off." He frowned. He didn't remember that scene.

"I don't remember." She rolled her eyes. "Now give me the photo." She scoffed. She held the photo tighter and ran towards the couch. He was closer to it therefore he could intercept her. She jumped out of his arms but lost her balance when he jumped over her. They both fell over the couch. 

"Ow!" She was dizzy and she fell on her back. It hurt. He landed over her and the image overall 
looked interesting. He rubbed his head while standing on her tummy. "Don't you think you got too comfortable?" She sounded more amused than anything. He blinked. He realized she was under him and he was standing on her.  

"Sorry." He rolled off and rubbed his head. "Maybe coming here was not a good idea." Suddenly, they heard three knocks on the door. Her eyes widened and she pulled him down.

"Three is the magic number." She whispered.

"For what?" She tensed and prepared mentally.

"For trouble." She responded. Right after she said that, three men broke the door and started to scream. She covered his mouth quickly and pulled him close. 

One guy walked in the kitchen while another was getting closer to them. He could hear his heart beating faster but not hers. When he looked at her face, he saw nothing. She put up a poker face that he never thought she had.

With quick movements, she kicked the guy in the leg and he fell. She snatched the gun out of his hand and pointed it at him.

"Don't shoot or I'm going to kill your friend!" The man who was guarding the door chuckled.

"Do you really think we care?" She tilted her head to the side and blinked.

"Right." She shot the man from the door straight in the middle of his forehead. "I was the best at shooting in my class." She stated. The guy in the kitchen ran closer and shot but she used his friend as a guard. With two dead, there was only one left. When he noticed legs coming closer, he copied her actions. He kicked really hard and broke that guy's leg. The gang member was ready to shoot Evan when she punched him in the chin and kicked him in the middle of his chest. 


Evan grabbed her hand and they ran out of the apartment. She stopped him when they heard men talking down the hall. They ran back quickly and locked themselves in his bedroom. 

"We're dead!" He screamed in fear. She scoffed and pushed him lightly. 

"It wasn't a good idea to come here. I can't believe I didn't think about it." Evan raised an eyebrow and shook her a little. 

"There are more men coming! They will break this door and shot us! We're going to die!" He was panicking. She rolled her eyes and placed a hand over his.

"We have to save your brother. We can't die yet." He was already sweating and thinking about the worst case scenario.

"We can't escape." She inspected his bedroom and opened one window. "This is the 5th level. We can't get out." However, something grabbed her attention.

"Are you good at balancing your weight?" He blinked.


When the other men entered Evan's apartment, they found two dead bodies and one hurt. They went through the other rooms and found the bedroom locked. They broke the door but didn't see anyone there. 

"Hey, this window is open!" One man looked out but couldn't see anything. 

"Do you think they escaped on the window?" Another man asked. 

"No. They're just two kids." 

"But isn't she the daughter of General Lincoln? That douche bag worked for the NCIS and now he returned to clean England. He's dangerous." 

The voices started to fade as the men were getting away. Two levels below, Abby and Evan were trying to keep their balance on the window sill of his neighbor. He had a lot of questions for her.

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