Wednesday, September 23, 2015

10. How It Ended

"Let me see if I understood correctly. You went to Chau for information and while you were waiting for it, Lee's men found you." Evan nodded. He was all alone with Abby's older brother. She was shot and needed all the rest she could get. Therefore, Evan got dragged by Matt into the kitchen and they started to talk over a cup of tea.

"They started to run after us and they shot at us. She pushed me out of the way and that's how she got shot. She saved my life." He was grateful. No, more than grateful. But the situation was still dangerous and his life was very important for him. "We won't be able to save my brother."

"Abigail was one of the best students in the academy. She is patient and knows when to act. She is that kind of girl you see in movies. The only difference is that she is stupid enough to get killed for someone else." Evan felt small next to Matt. Except the fact that they were pretty much the same height, Matt had an intense aura around him. Evan was uncomfortable. "What I'm saying is that, she knows what she's doing and she won't disappoint you."

"She has some trust issues, though." Matt nodded.

"She does. She wasn't like this before. She was really confident in her choices and her skills. But then she got an assignment. Her partner got killed in that mission." Evan's eyes widened. He could only imagine what that felt like. They were probably close since they were working together. "They followed the culprit to a shopping center. She wasn't allowed to shot for some reason. She is a good shooter. She never misses. She had a plan to shoot the culprit. However, he took a hostage. She and her boss shot at the same time. Her bullet killed the kid and her boss’ hit the culprit." Evan frowned. He had the same reaction everyone had when they found out.

"If she was so good, why did she shoot the hostage?" Matt raised an eyebrow. He didn't expect someone to be curious about that. Most of the officers believed the chief and ignored her.

"She said she didn't. She said she shot the culprit but no one believed her. Her boss had an older badge and an incredible record." Evan sighed and leaned on his right hand.

"Is that why she has a bad relationship with her father?" Matt chuckled and took a sip from his tea.

"No. When she was in college, she had a boyfriend. He was really nice and all but he got her pregnant." Evan's eyes widened more than ever before. His head turned quickly to Matt's bedroom.
He would have never thought of that. "She wanted to keep it but dad got furious. He came from America only to scold her. The boy left her all alone with the pregnancy. Most of her friends started to keep a certain distance and she got disappointed by most acquaintances. That's why she has issues and acts like a crazy girl. She is not shameless. She is hurt." Evan blinked and glanced at the bedroom door again. "Surprised, huh?" The younger man nodded.

"I never thought she would have such a back-story. She was so simple when we were working and she didn't care about anything. She was being silly most of the time. When we got in trouble, she seemed thrilled. She peed behind me and pole danced for one week and a half." Matt's face changed as Evan was speaking. She didn't tell him about the pole dance. She left out some important details. "She really seemed crazy." Evan finished. Matt blinked in astonishment.

"Well, she does need someone to keep her normal." Matt smiled and stared at Evan with big puppy eyes.

"You don't look like a secret agent." Evan commented. The older man gave him two thumbs up.

"That's the idea. Our family has this special trait. We look innocent but I assure you that I can destroy your future in a blink of an eye." Evan froze. How could someone threaten him with such a happy expression was beyond him.


The younger man didn't have time to respond -or run for his life- because Matt's phone rang. Once he checked the caller, he put it on speaker.

"Johnny is free as of tomorrow morning. Abigail and Evan should go and take him from the station." Evan sighed in relief. He was going to save his brother without much fuss. "But, I asked here and there about his plans. He has a transportation of women tonight and will be in Indonesia tomorrow. I don't know why he told you to get his son out now." Matt frowned.

"Is there something we don't know about? His son has nothing to do with his father's business from what I know. The police don’t have anything that connects the two except the familial background." Chau agreed.

"Max is going to Indonesia for the transportation his son made. Something is fishy, Matt. He has bigger plans with Abby and Evan. He knew she will be able to get his son out. He has something else planned for them." Evan could feel his hands sweat.

He was getting nervous and everything he believed in before was shattering. He was going to panic soon. Matt saw that and gave him a push. It was supposed to wake him from anxiety and fear but he used too much force and literally pushed Evan off the chair.

"Alright. Thanks for the info. We'll keep in touch." Chau hung up quickly and let the apartment in complete silence.

"We're going to die." Evan whispered from the floor. He was trembling slightly and his eyes were moving around chaotically. He was horrified. Matt rolled his eyes and kicked the younger man in the leg.

"Didn't you hear what I said? Abby knows what she's doing." Evan hoped so.


Abigail woke up at midnight. She was having a bad dream. She was sore and her side hurt like heck but she has been through worse. Her body wasn't fragile; her mind was.

She walked into the living room and saw Evan on the couch. Her brother was in his office, doing his own work. She stared at Evan's sleeping face and smiled softly. He was an idiot for running with her. He was stupid for believing everything she said. But that meant so much for her. She really liked him.

"You knew from the beginning." She was already accustomed with her sneaky brother. She ignored him completely and went in the kitchen. She started to brew some coffee. She wasn't going back to sleep anytime soon. "You knew he wanted more than his son."

"I checked them out before. Johnny doesn't have a good relationship with his father. Moreover, he agreed on trades that were too much for him to handle. He got in over his head and signed with his father's name for petty trades between Japan, South Korea and Indonesia."

"If you knew so much, why did you get him involved?" She glanced at Evan's couch for a moment. She shrugged.

"He needed the thrill." Matt stared at her expectantly. "He was supposed to leave early that night. I knew the true about that store. I knew everything for a while. He wasn't supposed to be there that night." She emphasized the last sentence. "I'm sorry, alright? It's my fault that Max got his brother. I just-I wanted to clear my name in the division." Matt shook his head disapprovingly. "I'm sorry." She repeated. She really meant it but she had no way to change the situation.

The room became silent. On the couch, with his eyes wide open, Evan was able to hear everything from the kitchen. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe he got dragged into something so dangerous; moreover his younger brother became a victim. Everything was because of Abigail Lincoln and her pride.


Next morning, Matt walked in the living room while rubbing his tummy. On the couch was only his sister. She had her arms wrapped around her knees and she was staring at the wall. He noticed something on the table. It was a piece of paper. He took it and checked it out.

"I’m going to do it my way. I’ve had enough. Good bye." He read out loud. He sighed heavily and looked at her. It was really hard to decipher her expression. "If you don't do something, he's going to get himself killed." She blinked.

"I know." She sounded really cold. It sent a chill down his spine. She was rarely like that. It reminded him of a hit man.


Evan went home. The front door of his apartment was still under construction. Everything in the house was intact. That was good. As long as he wasn’t around her, he was going to be safe. Therefore, he walked in his room and took all the money he had saved in the back of his dresser. It was enough for a gun.

Entering the store, on the other side, felt really awkward. He was tall and dressed in nice and decent clothes. Everyone was looking at him warily and that gave him some kind of courage.
“I want a gun.” He said once he got to the counter. The employee raised an eyebrow and chewed gum.

“That’s what everyone wants when they enter my store, kid.” Evan was intimidated. “What type? For what kind of length?” Evan blinked. He had no idea. He just wanted a gun. The employee chuckled and leaned over the counter. “You’re new, aren’t you?” Evan nodded slowly. “What do you want it for?”

“To kill.” The employee raised both his eyebrows in surprise and started to laugh to himself. He went in the back to look for something adequate.

Evan surveyed the store meanwhile. Only two people were in and they were looking at different type of guns.  One of them turned his head slightly and checked the young man out. He smirked and chuckled. Evan turned to the counter quickly and praised that he won’t die before he would save his brother.

“Here.” The employee came right in time. He placed a small gun on the counter and looked at Evan with bored eyes.  “Ruger 22/45. You can’t miss with this.” Evan took it and inspected it closely. It looked nice. More, he had no idea what to look for. “It’s 500$. Quite cheap, if you ask me.” Evan raised an eyebrow. That was not cheap. But, he needed it. He paid and got everything he needed. “Good luck, kid.” Evan nodded before he left the store.

Evan had no idea where to go. Besides, he was a wreck. He could finally understand why men in movies looked so ready to break when they were planning to kill someone. He used to say that he could be better and would keep his calm. He used to judge those men but he had no idea just how nerve wracking it was in reality. He was scared that a police officer would see him and take him in. That was the best outcome, though. He didn’t want to think about the worst case scenario.

He remembered what Chau said. He could go take Johnny from the station and walk him to his house. He hoped his brother was there. If anything, he could take him and leave. Easy like that.
But it wasn’t easy at all. He waited for an hour in front of the station. When Johnny walked out, he didn’t go and say hello like a nice person. He sneaked behind him and followed some crazy idea.

The petty thief didn’t expect a young and tall man to sneak around and push a gun on his back.

“Let’s get you home, Johnny boy.” The older man was silent. Evan pushed him in the closest cab and forced the young thief to say his address. “You better say it right and not make any funny business.” Johnny rolled his eyes. If he wanted to, he would have escaped. No. He wanted something as well.

“Are you the one that got me out?” He asked once the cab started to move. Evan nodded. “Well, you didn’t have to. My father will come and kill me.” The innocent man frowned.

“He’s in Indonesia right now. It seems you got him in trouble and he went there to clarify it.” Johnny scoffed.

“He went there because he has his own business. Do you really think he gives a care about me? Please! The world doesn’t work like that kid. Not the world I’ve been born into.” Evan rolled his eyes and pulled the thief closer to his side. “I won’t run away, calm down.”

The ride continued in silence. Once they got in front of the mansion, Evan pulled Johnny out. He paid for the cab and remained all alone in front of an intimidating house.

“Now what?” The thief asked sarcastically. Evan glared at his ‘companion’. “Whatever.” He was in no place to act so smug. Evan nudged him towards the gate and told him to open it. Johnny typed the security code and entered. Once they got inside the house, Evan saw just how rich Max was. “Aren’t you curious why the house is so empty?” The student frowned.

“Your father is not home.” Johnny chuckled.

“And? This house should be full of bodyguards. I live here with my parents. Don’t you think my father would have left some guards around just in case?” Evan blinked. He realized that Johnny was right. 

“You just got yourself in trouble.” The thief chuckled. That was the last sound Evan heard before someone hit him in the back of his head and he fainted.


When he woke up, he was tied up against a chair. He was in the basement, probably. Evan had seen that before in movies; he was probably watching too many movies. He really missed those late night parties with his friends. They would meet to study but it would quickly change into a hang out. They would eat pizza and chicken and drink beer. He really missed the safety and normality of those days.

“You’re awake.” He shook his head in order to clear his vision. It didn’t work. “You have guts, kid. I give you that.” In front of him was the leader of the Vipers. He was dressed in black. Just, normal black clothes. Evan was slightly disappointed.

“Your son is free. We had a deal.” The man raised an eyebrow and stared at him in surprise.

“We didn’t have a deal. I only told you that if you want to see your brother alive, you should get my son out. I am a man of word so-“ He moved a few feet to the side. Evan’s eyes widened. He was facing his younger brother. He didn’t look bad but he wasn’t in good shape either.


Evan was ready to call for his younger brother when the man walked back in between the two.

“He’s fine, see? No problem.” The student glared at the older man. “I have a few more things I want you to do for me.” Evan scoffed. “You see, once upon a time, I was an important man and had connections. Now, things aren’t going-“ He stopped to lit up a cigar. He breathed in the tobacco before he breathed out smoke. “-things aren’t going very well. There is someone who likes to play the good cop. As you probably know, people like me hate good cops.”

“What do you want me to do?” Evan was still in between having the biggest panic attack ever and the calm before the storm.

The mafia leader threw the gun at his feet.

“Kill Matthew Lincoln.” Evan frowned. He had to register what he’s been told. When he finally understood who Matthew Lincoln was and what that man wanted, he started to squirm.

“Is that what you wanted from the start?” The Vipers’ leader chuckled. He even started to laugh and encouraged his men to do so.

“No. My connection in the police force is someone very important. People like this Matt aren’t needed. They can’t see the world in grey. They only see it in black and white. That’s really unfortunate.” Evan squirmed harder but he wasn’t getting anywhere.

“If you’re at it, kill his sister too. Abigail Lincoln.” That wasn’t the leader. Evan turned his head and noticed a new man. One man that he had no idea who he was but felt hostility towards him anyway. He walked closer to the young man and grabbed his face. “You got tangled into her life. She has you 
wrapped around her finger, doesn’t she? That little bitch.”

“Who are you?” Evan got the chance to ask through greeted teeth. The man let go of his face and leaned back.

“You don’t need to know. Just be wise and finish this little mission.” His tone seemed familiar, in some twisted way. He didn’t know the man but something about him was generally familiar. Like the time you enter a hospital and the nurses seem all the same. Or like the time he got interrogated in Portobello. Wait.

“You’re a cop.” The two dangerous men glanced at each other and laughed. Evan didn’t find it amusing at all. “You’re a bad cop. One that puts himself before his job.” The man shrugged.

“No one works for justice. No one believes in it anymore. We all do our own bad and right. It’s up to us what we believe justice is.” Evan scoffed. That didn’t make sense at all.

“Anyway, let’s leave life philosophies aside. What’s your answer?” Evan closed his eyes tightly and bit his lip. He couldn’t get Abby’s different faces out of his head. They wanted her dead. She deserved it after what she got him into. But Abigail was also the girl who did so many crazy things and helped him throughout that misunderstanding. He got so far because of her. Of course, if he would have left when he should have had, nothing would’ve happened. It was so complicated but he didn’t hate her. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

“I’m not going to kill them. None of them.” He was embracing himself for the worst. When the cop pulled out his gun and pointed it at his face, Evan gulped and closed his eyes. He was silently praying to get to Heaven. He was also praying for his brother.

The cop was ready to pull the trigger when Evan heard a loud shooting sound. He was afraid to see what was going on. He heard two more shots before someone shook him. He opened his eyes and saw Abby’s angry face.

“You are really stupid.” She grabbed the gun from the ground and put it in his hands. She also cut the rope around his feet and hands. He was free. He got up quickly and felt the need to hug her. Her eyes widened and she froze. She didn’t expect that. Not in such a moment.  “Um-“ Once the aftereffect disappeared, he realized what he was doing. He pushed her away quickly and wiped his clothes. Nothing happened. Yes.


“That man-“They turned to the injured man on the floor. He was only unconscious and bleeding. She shot him in the side, just like he shot the kid. She glared at him and kicked him in the wound.

“He was my boss for a while. He blamed me for his wrongdoings.” She pointed her gun at his head and narrowed her eyes. “I should kill him.” Evan’s eyes widened. But, he didn’t feel like he should interfere. It was her business and if she wanted to take revenge, he was in no position to stop her.

“What about Max?” She sighed and clicked her tongue.

“Just let that on me. You should go save your brother. That was your intention from the beginning.” He nodded. He only got to the door when he turned to face her.

“Thank you.” She winked and stuck her tongue out at him. He chuckled and left. No matter what, she was the same Abigail he met in the market. Once he left, her expression became one of a killer. With a cold heart and driven by revengeful thoughts, she turned to her former boss.


Evan heard a loud sound and only imagined what happened in the basement. It was always about the basement, wasn’t it? He walked out and opened the door slowly. No one was in the living room. 

He sneaked as swiftly as he could towards the stairs. His brother was in some place that looked a lot like an interrogation room. It was on the other side of the wall but he didn’t see any door towards it.

The young man sighed and leaned against the wall. He was getting tired and he seriously wanted to go home and hug his parents.

“What are you doing?” He opened his eyes widely and jumped. She scared the shit out of him. “Sorry. I learned to be silent in school.” She didn’t seem apologetic at all. She was biting her lip while trying not to laugh at him.

“I don’t know where my brother is.” Her bemusement died instantly. She blinked and tilted her head to the side. She noticed a man sneaking behind Evan and shot him dead. That scared the young adult even more.

“What do you mean? He has to be somewhere in here.” Evan noticed some men coming from the stairs. He gulped and did the unthinkable. He shot three bullets and only one slightly grazed one of the men. She chuckled and grabbed his arm. They had to run away from there they were in the open and that was only going to attract danger.

“I saw him in a room like the ones in police stations. But I don’t think he is in one. I just-I don’t know.” He was slowly cracking and shattering. She could see that. He wasn’t able to use his brain at its potential. He was tired.

They just ran around the corner and got into a hall. She looked around and realized something was wrong. She touched her ear and started to mumble something. Evan was in constant panic. He could hear the men shouting and he could hear their feet running on the old wooden floor.

“We’re going to die, aren’t we?” She rolled her eyes and pushed him in the nearest room. It was dark and smelled like tomatoes. That was weird. She covered his mouth and told him to stay still. He was trembling in fear but he tried to keep his composure and do as instructed.

They heard feet walking outside. He could feel his heart beating faster than it ever did. Once the men walked further down the hall, she retracted her arm. They both heard a small whimper. They glanced at each other curiously.

“I didn’t say anything.” He whispered. She blinked. They turned their heads slowly and walked deeper into the room.

“It’s so dark in here.” She mumbled. She walked towards the curtains and opened them. There was no window in that room. The curtain was only hiding a closed wall. It was really suspicious.

As Evan walked towards the bathroom, the whimpers started to grow louder. He turned on the light and turned the doorknob. He was ready to open the door when someone else slammed it open from the inside and ran into him. Abigail found the light switch in the room and turned it on. Evan was on the floor and a kid was hovering over him.

“I think we found your brother.” Evan was dumbstruck. “Shouldn’t you be happier? Or at least, hug each other? You were both in serious danger.” She tilted her head to the side and watched the two stare at each other. They were definitely brothers. He looked like a younger version of Evan. It was both scary and interesting.

After they finally realized what was going on and the shock left their minds, they hugged and the kid started to cry.

“Brother! I’m really sorry. I was on my way to school when some guys came and told me you got in trouble-” Evan nodded and patted his head. Abigail walked closer and bent next to them.

“They were police officers weren’t they? They told you that your brother has done something bad?” The kid nodded. Well, he was a teenager. He looked old enough to be a freshman in high school. “What else did they tell you?”

“That my brother will come after me. I shouldn’t be scared because nothing will happen to me or him. They only wanted some girl.” Evan looked at her. She didn’t seem surprised at all. If anything, she was expecting that answer. “They said something about some guy too. I heard them talking about some deal?” The kid sighed and rubbed his head. “I’m sorry. That’s all I heard. They locked me in a room and told me to keep quiet. Then, today, they just threw me in here.”

“It’s alright. You’ve done well. You were very brave.” The kid nodded and got comforted by his brother’s kind words. “I need to get him out of here.” She licked her lips and stared at the wall. Her mind became a labyrinth.

“Leave and don’t look back, Evan. This is a family business.” He frowned.

“Is that why they wanted me to kill your brother?” She glanced at him and nodded.

“My brother’s been using his influence to close small businesses that have any connection with the Vipers. He didn’t tell me or dad about it. He got into trouble by himself and he was going to stop the trades of tobacco and prostitutes on his own.”

“But we messed his plan didn’t we?” She rubbed her forehead and groaned.

“Not only his. The trades stopped because Matt called the Indonesian Coast Guard. They found the girls and they have enough proof to keep Johnny arrested for a while. Max knew that. That’s why he didn’t go to Indonesia anymore.” Evan was confused.

“Then why did he want us to get his son out of prison when he will get back there anyway?” She got on her feet and started to pace around the room.

“I don’t think it was about his son. I think it didn’t matter if we could get him out or not. He wanted us to get in trouble. I think he had a deal with the chief and I was probably going to be the scapegoat. I have connections and so does my brother. If our father was to know what we were doing, he would have probably got us to America to keep a strict eye on us. Besides, I have no right to change documents. I wasn’t going to say anything about Chau. It was a good plan to get rid of us.” He helped his brother up and walked towards her.

“I still don’t understand why you too? Your brother works for the government. He would have gotten in deep trouble. But you?” She grabbed a hand through her hair and sighed heavily.

“I lost my position and title in the police when he blamed me for shooting that kid. No one was going to believe me and my relationship with the superiors was only up to dad. I was the perfect scapegoat. I had nothing to lose. In the end, I would be easy to discard of.” Evan gulped and wrapped a hand around her. She wasn’t going to cry and didn’t look sad. If anything, she looked angry.

“I’m going to sneak out with my brother and leave through the garden.” She nodded. He grabbed her chin and raised her head to look at him. “I’ll wait for you to come out alive.” She blinked. “Alive, Abigail.” She nodded. He smiled and patted her head like she was a puppy. He grabbed his brother’s hand and opened the door. No one was there but she still had to act as a diversion.

Evan was a fast runner. He was going to be fine. He was going to protect his family and she had to do the same. She heard the device in her ear beep and that was the signal that her brother arrived.

“Remember the plan, Abigail.” She mumbled. She breathed in and let it out slowly.

She learned what to do and how to react in such moments. She was ready. She was prepared. She ran down the hall towards the kitchen. She memorized the plans of the house. From there, she could easily sneak towards the hiding spot. Max was going to run. She knew that. He wasn’t a man that knew how to fight. He had bodyguards for that.

She ran down the corridor and surveyed the place. Downstairs was a mess but she could easily get in the kitchen if she was really silent. She heard some men talk about the boss. He was going to escape through the tunnel. If that was right, she had to go back where she came from. She sighed and turned back.

“Abigail, I can’t see you. I can’t help you if you don’t move in the open.” She scoffed.

“He’s down in the tunnel. You better come in if you want to help me.” She mumbled in the device. She heard her brother grunt before he shifted.  She flinched when she felt a bullet going past her cheek. 

She narrowed her eyes and shot the man who scratched her cheek.  That grabbed attention. She ran into the living room and jumped over the railing. She fell on a man and hit the two around her. She felt a sudden urge to bend and she did it right in time.

In no time, Abby found herself surrounded by bulky men with knives. She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Great.” She moaned.


When Evan ran out of the house, he noticed someone sneaking through the garden. He stopped and scrunched his eyes to see well. It was Max. He opened a door in the ground and entered with his son and wife.

“Bro?” Evan turned to his brother and grabbed his shoulders.

“Get out of here. Run to the closest-“ He stopped. Suddenly, the police didn’t seem trustworthy. “Take the closest subway to Oldbury. Go straight down the street until you see houses. There is one house that seems too silent and has a red rooftop. Get in there and wait. If the stairs suddenly disappear, it’s alright. Trust the man in that house.” His younger brother was speechless. “Just trust me, ok?” The teenager nodded.

“What about you?” Evan sighed and glanced at the house.

“I have something I need to do.” His brother’s eyes were pleading him not to go back in there but he couldn’t just leave Abby alone. In the end, the teenager ran out while Evan ran to the place he had seen the gangster go to.


Abby slid down and kicked the man in the guts. She was skinny and smaller than most of them. That was her only advantage. In one movement, she kicked the thug on her left and punched the one on her right. They were muscular so she had to be careful not to get hit by them. Instead, she hit one in the neck and the other in the knee before she gave a final kick in the forehead.

She turned around and faced another thug. She sighed. How many were there? The thug launched at her and used slow but efficient punches. He was a better fighter but she was smaller and faster. She caught his hand over her shoulder and turned it around. While he was in slight pain, she threw a kick in the ribs and pushed him aside. What was different was the power she was using in the kicks. It was strong yet it still looked like she was holding back.

She kicked another guy and got carried away. She grabbed the gun from the multitude thrown on the ground and shot every thug that came at her. She was getting tired. She didn’t notice the one around the corner. Thankfully, someone else did.

“I’m still good on the field.” Matt complimented himself. She scoffed. “Let’s get down there before more thugs come.” She nodded and they ran down into the basement.


Evan entered the same trap door as the mafia leader. It was dark and silent. The echo was a dangerous thing. He had to be twice as careful. He kept close to the wall, just in case someone would decide to come towards him.

He walked for a few minutes before he heard people talk. He could also hear the sound of an engine. He stopped right outside the door. It was cracked so he could hear and see a little of what they were doing.

“The plan was different. Why did it fail, Johnny?” From what Evan could see, the gangster had his son against the wall. It looked a lot like he was scolding him. Even the student flinched when the father hit his son in the stomach.

“It wasn’t my fault!” He heard the thief complain. He got hit again.

“Of course not! Like it wasn’t your fault that Yakuza started to pressure me for three new trades! Do I look like an idiot to you, son?” The boy coughed. The father started to kick his son like it was a rag doll. Evan couldn’t watch that. It wasn’t something a father should do.

“Let’s just leave, honey.” The woman was cold. She didn’t even glance at her son. She was patiently waiting between two thugs. “Leave him here.” The gangster looked at the woman and spit. He gave one last kick before he went to the woman. 

Evan shook his head. That world was so fucked up. Family was just another word. He leaned a little to catch a glimpse of the beaten up man. He was on the ground and it looked like he wasn’t going to get up anytime soon.

It seemed that someone caught a glimpse of him as well. When Johnny looked up, he saw the young man at the door. He chuckled and spit the excess of blood in his mouth. He nodded and poined with his head at his father.

Shoot him.

He mouthed.  Evan gulped. He pushed the door a little and got ready to enter. However, someone 
grabbed him and pulled him back.

“Are you out of your mind? I told you to leave!” She whispered angrily. Evan sighed in relief. He thought she was a thug at first. Behind Abby was Matt. He waved and smiled like it was nothing.  

“He’s in there. He’s going to escape if we don’t act now.” She rolled her eyes and pushed him behind.

“We’re going to act. You’re going to stay here.” He scoffed. Unfortunately, it was a little too loud. She glared at him and prepared for people to check out the sound.

One man walked out and Matt silently pressed on a point on his neck that instantly made him unconscious. He put him against the wall and made a sign to his sister. She nodded and kicked the door wide open.

She ran in and avoided everyone. Her target was the leader. He glared at her and quickly entered his car. Matt was covering for her and was practically doing all the hard work. The leader turned on the engine but he didn’t get far. She shot the wheels from the back and automatically the car stopped. The leader got out and shouted profanities at her.

“You stupid kid! I’ve had enough of you and your family!” She pulled the trigger but nothing happened. 

Her eyes widened. That was unexpected. Max laughed out loud and took a gun from his back pocket. She gulped and took a step back.


 It was the only thing she could say. Matt stopped fighting and stared at his sister with wide scared eyes. The two thugs grabbed the opportunity and punched him like he was a doll. He fell down and flinched at every kick he got. He looked for the gun but the thug kicked it away.

It felt a lot like a bad action movie. Evan couldn’t just stay and watch. He entered quickly and jumped in front of Abigail. The gangster shot him in the shoulder. He laughed and started to say something but she couldn’t hear him. Her eyes were locked on Evan. He fell down and winced.

“You are such an idiot. Just let him shoot me!” He shook his head and wrapped his arms around her protectively.

“I’m sorry I said you’re weird and I’m sorry I didn’t trust you until the end. You’re really an amazing girl, Abigail. Crazy, but amazing.” He was talking like he was going to die. She was aware that it hurt a lot but he wasn’t going to die on her watch. He closed his eyes and hugged her tightly.

The second shot didn’t come from the leader, though. No, it came from behind Matt. Johnny was on his feet, glaring at the old man.

“You little piece of shit!” Those were the last words Max said before he fell down. Johnny’s shot was impressively on point. It was probably because of the anger he felt towards his family, but he shot his father right in the stomach. The woman ran away by foot in the middle of the commotion. Johnny scoffed and fell against the wall. Matt got up quickly and took advantage of the diversion. He kicked the two thugs and broke some bones.

“Is it over?” She heard Evan mumbled near her hear. She nodded.

“It’s over.” She responded softly.

“Good because it hurts like Hell and I can’t move.” She chuckled and patted his back.


Matt called the police and announced them of what happened. His boss was somewhere between very mad and impressed. The ambulance took Evan to the hospital while Abby got taken care of on the spot. She only had scratches. Nothing big. She didn’t even feel when her wound opened and started to bleed.

“You should get to a hospital, as well. That wound is not bad but it can get infected.” She nodded and thanked the paramedic. Matt nodded and smiled at his boss before he walked next to her.

“Wow. This was quite a day, wasn’t it?” Matt was still very excited. She chuckled. He wrapped a hand around her and watched the bad guys getting handcuffed. “I really missed the field work.” She rolled her eyes.

She noticed her former boss getting out. He was injured and had two people fussing around.

“I’m not going to work ever again in the station.” She mumbled. He chuckled.

“You’re going to work with me, for the government.” She scoffed and brushed him off. She pushed him away and walked away.


Once Evan got in hospital, the nurse called his parents. He called Abby and asked her to get his brother from Chau’s house. She didn’t need to go, though. Chau heard the story from Evan’s younger brother and got him safely to the hospital.

She got retained in hospital, as well. The nurse called her mother and Matt gulped. Lucy came first with her boyfriend. Her father came, as well. Both Abby and Matt became silent.

“Um-I-We-“ The older brother was looking for the right way to explain what happened. The man had such an intense gaze. Matt looked down and started to fidget.

“It’s my fault.” She started. “I looked into their business and I got entangled into the mess. I involved an innocent guy and I got us in serious trouble. Everything is my fault and I’m taking responsibility of it. But what happened before was not my fault.” The intimidating man stared at his daughter. The whole family was waiting for him to say something. He didn’t. Instead, he smiled and grabbed her hand tightly.

“It took you a while to look into my eyes and say what you think.” She blinked in surprise. “I was never mad at you because you did something. I was mad that you didn’t have enough courage to tell me exactly what you think. I couldn’t care less about your boyfriend or your career. You’re old enough to do whatever you want. As long as you don’t live off my money, you’re free to go and pole dance for all I care.” She glanced at Matt and gulped. Damn, that happened already.


As life took a right turn, Evan and Abby went back to their regular lives.

Evan went to that job interview and got accepted. Chau was happy that he could work with his friend from time to time. His life went back to normal and his front door got repaired. Matt paid for all the damage Abby caused in his life. He started to go out with his friends again and he could finally look at the girl he liked and smile.

Some things were different, though. The adventure he got through changed him as a man. He became brave enough to speak up his mind and protect his loved ones. She was right. He should live his life with no regrets.

On the other side, Abby’s former case got cleared up. Her boss confessed, forcefully, and she got back her title as an honest officer. But she didn’t continue her work in the station. She realized that Matt was right. She accepted to work with him in MI6 as a field agent.  She was content with her life and she even checked out her friends from Portobello.

Overall, the danger vanished. On her way back home, she stopped in front of an empty store. The police raids closed it down, thanks to her brother.

“It began here and it ended in the same place, huh?” She sighed and closed her eyes. Someone touched her shoulder. Out of reflex, she grabbed his arm and turned it upside down. The force she was using was strong and it made him whine. That was familiar.

When she looked at his face, she chuckled.

"Evan." He groaned and fell on his knees. She let him go and started to laugh.

“At least I know you’re the same old Abby.” She rolled her eyes.

“It’s only been a couple of weeks since you saved my life.” He smirked and looked at her from the corner of his eye.

“I was pretty amazing back then.” He complimented himself. She scoffed and pushed him lightly. He grabbed her arm and pulled her close to his chest. She didn’t expect that. “Thanks for everything. That was the best and only adventure of my life.” She smiled and looked up into his eyes.

“You’re working for MI6 now. You’ll live a lot of adventures from now on.” He raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment. She was right. He entered the minefield willingly. “You love the adrenaline, don’t you? You’re attracted to danger unconsciously.” He bit his lip and stared at her.

“Like you?” Her eyes looked a lot like one of a fox’s. She was a truly intriguing woman. Besides, he found out that she accepted a job in MI6, as well. They were going to work together from time to time. He was an IT specialist and she was a field agent. It turned out well for both of them.

“So this is good bye. The real goodbye.” He nodded.

“Good bye, Abigail.” She smiled widely and waved.

“Good bye, Evan.” He started to walk towards the subway. He only got a few feet before he turned to her. She was looking at the store with dreamy eyes.

“Hey!” That got her attention fast. She blinked quickly and looked at him. “On a second thought, let’s go drink something!” She seemed surprised for a second. It took her a few minutes to register what he said.

“That’s quite bold coming for you!” He chuckled.

“I learned from the best!” The smile that spread on her face was really wide and bright. It reached her eyes. It was amazing how different she looked when she was happy. He liked that image and would like to see it more often.

She shook her head and ran to him. He grabbed her hand tightly and they started to walk together.

“I hope you’re not going to drink too much.” He scoffed.

“Says the girl who drinks alcohol like is water!” She raised an eyebrow and stared at him with judging eyes.

“At least I don’t stalk the person I like. I don’t give yellow sweaters and keep pictures of them everywhere around my house like it’s an altar!” He hit her playfully and leaned in.

“I don’t remember giving you a yellow sweater or having any pictures of you in my apartment.” She rolled her eyes. That, until she realized what he said. She stopped and stared at him in amazement.

“What did you just say?!” He shrugged and started to walk by himself. “No, no. W-Wait-W-What?! Say it again!” He shook his head and decided to ignore her for the rest of the way. He couldn’t help but feel good.

“Ah, life is good.” He smiled contently. Life became really good. 

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