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5. How They Got in Deep Trouble

She had to take the subway and change the route a little. She ended up in Solihull, where her brother was living. She only rung once before the door opened and she got pulled in his arms.

“Where the heck have you been? I was worried sick when I called you and you didn’t respond. You only sent me a message that said I'm out for a while! What the heck was I supposed to understand from that?!” She gulped and patted his back in comfort.

“Sorry, sorry.” He scoffed and let her breath.

“Where have you been?” She rubbed her neck and chuckled nervously.

“Portobello Beach.” He raised an eyebrow and walked in the living room. His apartment was quite luxurious for someone who was living on his own.

“Why?” She looked to the side. “Well?”

“I witnessed my boss being killed by mafia.” He tensed. He turned to look at her very slowly and narrowed his eyes at his younger sister.

“Why the heck did you run? Didn’t we learn different? Stay and fight!” She flinched. “Look, is that how you want to get into MI6? You need to be a great agent and act accordingly!” She glared at him.

“I don’t want to enter MI6. I wanted to enter the police academy because I wanted to protect people. Guess what? It’s not what I expected! They discriminated me and-“

“You ran! You ran away instead of fighting against them. That’s what you’ve always done, Abby.” She looked down and gave up. That was the reality she had been living for her entire life.

Matthew, her older brother, noticed the change in her behavior and sighed. He loved her, he did, but she had to change. She had to take responsibility and act. He walked to her and hugged her tightly.

“Tell me what happened and where have you been.” That was an order even if it didn’t sound like one. She closed her eyes and leaned against him.


"Abby!" Unlike most people would have thought after they met Abigail in the market, her relationship with her siblings was very good.

"Lucy!" She smiled when she saw her younger sister walking towards her. Lucy hugged her older sister and jumped up and down.

"It's been so long since we last met." Indeed, it has been.

While Abby and their older brother, Matt, were pretty busy and secretive, Lucy was a student in fashion design and she had enough time to have fun and meet people.

They met in front of a shopping center, much to Lucy's pleasure.

"So, Matt told me you got into trouble again." Abby felt like sweat dropping. She was known in the family to attract trouble but it wasn't exactly her fault. "But he wasn't specific. So what happened?" She was looking through the rafts while talking. Her eyes were on the clothes but her attention was fully turned to her older sister.

"I didn't leave that market job in time and witnessed something bad." Lucy raised an eyebrow and took a dress out to look at closely.

"And?" Abby shrugged.

"And what?" Her sister glanced at her from the corner of her eye and smirked.

"Matt told me you went to Portobello Beach." Abby nodded. "But you don't know how to drive so how did you get there so fast?" Abby froze. Her sister was asking all the good questions.

"I managed." Lucy put the dress back and turned to her sister.

"But wasn't hard? You went there all alone. Where did you stay and what did you eat? Did you even have money on you?" Abby sighed and gave up.

"Fine. I wasn't alone. I was with a former colleague. And he had money. We found a job in a bar and stayed upstairs in a love hotel." Lucy was on the verge of saying something embarrassing when Abby stopped her. "Let's talk about this later." Lucy nodded.

"You have a lot to tell me, Abby." Of course she had.

And surprisingly enough, Abby did tell Lucy everything. They ended up in a fancy restaurant because Lucy was still living with their parents and she could.

"So you and this guy lived and worked in the same place for a week and a half." Abby nodded. "And nothing happened between you two." She nodded. "Bullocks." Abby chuckled.

"Nothing happened. Actually, I pretty much behaved like a weirdo for the whole time." Lucy tilted her head to the side and blinked.

"A weirdo? Did you act like you have nothing to lose again?" Abby chuckled and grabbed her glass of wine. Bonding over a glass of wine in a good restaurant was the best.

"I did, yes. It was fun." Lucy rolled her eyes.

"But he didn't meet the real Abigail." The older woman raised an eyebrow and leaned over the table.
"And how is the real Abigail?"

"She is fun and really nice. She keeps her calm in emergencies and never takes abrupt decisions. She's always wary and she knows how to make guys fall for her. She's like that." Abigail shook her head.

"No. She was like that. Once you get thrown around and people see you as nothing but a nuisance, you realize you have to change." Lucy's eyes dropped to her plate.

"Is that why you ran away from home?"

"No. I ran away because dad didn't believe me when I told him how bad the officers were treating me. He believed them and looked down on me." Lucy sighed and played with her food. The atmosphere became a little awkward.

"So, was this guy handsome?" Abby's frown changed into a melancholic expression.
"Yes, he was. He was handsome and smart. It was fun to mess with him." Lucy chuckled and raised her head.

"You liked him." Abby nodded.

"A little, yes. But he had someone special already and I was nothing but some random and weird girl." Her smile cracked but she didn't let it show. She did miss those crazy days.


After dinner, Lucy called her boyfriend and she went back home. She asked Abby if she wants a ride to Matt's apartment but she denied.

Instead, she started to walk back towards her own small apartment. The way seemed shorter and more pitiful for some reason.

She stopped when she got in front of the market. It was still running but it had a different boss and different workers. She sighed and placed her hands in her jacket's pockets.

She was there for a short time when she narrowed her eyes at what she was seeing. One of the workers looked strangely familiar.

Suddenly, two men came through the back door and looked around. Their eyes landed on the girl worker. She was pretty and was doing her job. One of the men walked towards her and snatched the box she had in her hands. He threw it aside and smiled at how pathetic she was. She was ready to go in when someone stopped her. Out of reflex, she grabbed his arm and turned it upside down. The force she was using was strong and it made him whine.

When she looked better at his face, she gasped.

"Evan." He groaned and fell on his knees.


“I’m sorry.” She couldn’t help but snicker. They moved in a street restaurant and commanded something to drink.

“Where did that force come from?” She shrugged. He moved closer to her and inspected her thoroughly. “You look different.” She blinked innocently.

Once the alcohol arrived and they started to drink, he had second thoughts. She was drinking the shots like it was water. She drank two bottles on her own and she looked completely fine.

“Are you even human?” She chuckled. The bartender in Portobello asked her the same thing.

“Have you kept in touch with Scott and the others?” She asked. He shook his head.

“Not really. Did you?” She shook her head. Unfortunately, she forgot to ask for their numbers or e-mail addresses.  “Well, it was interesting while it lasted. But everything was going to finish eventually. We knew that.” She nodded.

“How are you? Everything’s alright with your family and friends?” He raised an eyebrow and leaned his head against his hand.

“Yes. Everything came back to normal. My family is safe and so are my friends. What about yours?”

“They’re fine. Nothing unusual happened. Everything is back to normal.” They nodded to each other and sighed. “How is school?”She added. He shrugged.

“Good. I’m applying for a job right now.” She seemed surprised.

“Really. Where?” He rubbed the back of his neck and moved in his seat.

“An IT company. I might even get into MI6.” He chuckled like it was a really amusing thing. But it wasn’t amusing for her.

“Oh.” It was awkward. Everything about their discussion was lame. Evan didn’t remember Abby as being so uncomfortable. She did some embarrassing things and didn’t care at all about her image.

“Are you sure you’re alright? I didn’t expect you to be so normal after what happened.” In his mind, he thought that she got a trauma after what happened with the mafia and Portobello. She laughed and brushed it off.

“No. I’m fine. I’m just tired. I went shopping with my younger sister.” That quirked his interest. It was mostly because he never asked her anything about her private life. “Yes. I have a younger sister and we’re surprisingly close.” He chuckled.

“I have a younger brother too.” Her eyes widened a little and they got back that joyful glint he’d seen before. “I’m trying to keep him out of trouble but he seems to find it everywhere.”

“I know how that feels. Probably, that’s exactly how my older brother sees me too.” Evan laughed.

“You have a younger sister and an older brother.” She nodded. “Somehow, that surprises me.” 

“Did you think I come from an orphanage or something?” He nodded bluntly. She laughed and asked for two more bottles of beer. 

“What are they doing?” She hummed and rubbed her hands together.

“My brother works for the secret services and my sister is majoring in fashion design.” Evan was even more surprised. He was quite impressed actually. “Didn’t expect that, did you?” He shook his head slowly. “I bet you won’t guess what I majored in.” Evan smirked and accepted her challenge.


After two hours and five bottles of beer, Evan was wasted. She was only dizzy, thanks to her strong resistance.

“Doctor?” She laughed and shook her head. He said every possible job except the right one. “Then, management?” She frowned. That was not her specialty. “Ok, I give up. You tell me.” She chuckled and leaned over the table.

“I,” She pointed at her face. “Went to the Police Academy.” He remained dumbstruck. His smile dropped suddenly and he stared at her like she was stupid.

“What?” She laughed. “Are you serious?” She nodded. “That’s unexpected.” She scoffed.

“Why’s that? Because I have free will and don’t care what people think about me?” He munched and pointed at her.

“You finished the training for a police officer.” He could still not believe it. “You, who danced around a pole and peed behind me.” She nodded. He snorted and narrowed his eyes at her. “Ha!”

“Says the specialist in IT who looks nothing like a geek.” He scoffed and almost fell over.

“I’m not a geek. Just because I’m smart doesn’t make me a geek. Besides, geeks are really nice. They created all these technology that you buy and use every day. Geeks control this world from the shadows.” She watched him talk bemusedly. He was probably right in some way but the way he was spitting it out was funny.

Suddenly, his phone rung. With hard movements, he took it from his back pocket and responded.

“I see you have a reunion. How nice.” Evan raised an eyebrow.

“Who’s this?” Abby leaned closer to be able to hear at least the voice of who was on the other side.

“Now, now. Evan Graham, did you really forget about me? Should I remind you who I am?” Suddenly, the caller moved around and told something to someone else. “Evan?!”  Evan woke up from his drunken state instantly.

“My brother.” Abby frowned.

“I told you we’ll keep in touch. It’s been some time but don’t think I forgot about you. I see Abigail Lincoln is there, as well. Perfect.” Evan got on his feet and looked around the place.

“What?” Abby was getting all worried because of him.

“They’re here. Those guys.” Abby got up and followed his example.

She noticed two guys outside the place, watching them from a fair distance. It didn’t look necessarily suspicious but she could feel it. She knew it was them mostly because she had seen those two in the market a few hours earlier.

“I have your brother, Evan. Do you want to hear his voice?” He froze. Abby glanced warily at the two thugs and saw them smirking. They were enjoying whatever their boss was telling Evan.

“When? That’s impossible! My brother is safe, at home.” The boss laughed loudly. He called someone over and Woobin’s breath stopped for a moment.

“Evan! It’s me! I don’t know what’s going on. I was going to school and then-”

“That’s enough. Now you believe me?” Evan nodded. “You have nothing to give me. But I want you to do something for me”.

“What?” The boss grinned and lighted up a cigar.

“I want you to get my son out of prison.” He looked in confusion at Abby. “Yes. Look at Miss Lincoln. She will be more than helpful.” He hung up and let Evan with a lot of questions

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