Thursday, July 30, 2015

4. How They Confessed

They walked downstairs and stopped in front of the door. Evan turned to her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

“We need to tell him the truth but we have to be calm and our stories have to sound alike.” She seemed worried about something.”It’s going to be fine.” He smiled and squeezed her shoulders.

When they opened the door, Abby noticed the manager. He wasn’t happy with what was going on. The detective looked at the two young adults and sighed.


“It’s April 21st, the hour is 15:30 and I am in Room 2, interrogating the suspect regarding the murder case of Andrew Dewy from April 11th.” He placed the recorder on the table and looked at his suspect. “Where have you been on the night of April 11th?”

She leaned back in her chair.

He frowned.

“I was working over hours for a bonus.” The detective nodded.

“And what happened that night?”

She raised an eyebrow.

He started to sweat.

“What I get if I tell you? Are you going to protect me?” Their response was the same. The detective chuckled.

“You will get protection if the case requires it. But right now, I want to know what happened on the night of April 11th.”

She tilted her head to the side and laid her hands on the table.

“Three men came in around the closing hour.” She started.

“I was ready to leave when they entered.” He continued.

“They were in suits and had that dangerous atmosphere around them.” She stated.

“They killed our boss right in front of us.” He continued.

“Who were they?” The detective asked the culprits. Evan shrugged. He didn’t know.

“They were from a big group, called The Vipers.” The detective was surprised. She knew something the boy didn’t. 

“How do you know that?” She sighed and looked straight into his eyes.

“Because they came before. I’ve heard them talking about an illegal transport of tobacco. I didn’t want to get involved.” The man acknowledged the information and believed her. She wasn’t a liar but something about her was suspicious.

“The boy doesn’t know anything about this?” She shook her head.

“He doesn’t know anything.” The detective clicked his tongue and stared at her.
“Why do you know?” She chuckled and rubbed her forehead.

“Because I’m perceptive and have good memory.” She leaned back nonchalantly. “I looked them up.”


“Is she lying?” One officer asked the detective after he walked out of the interrogation room. He glanced at her through the one side window. 
“No. But she definitely hides something.” He leaned against the one side window and sighed. “The boy hides something, as well. Let them go for now. We’ll see how this story unfolds.”


At the same time, in both interrogation rooms, an officer entered and nodded to the two culprits. They were allowed to leave.

Abby walked outside and took a deep breath of air. She stretched and rubbed her back. They were inside for two hours but it felt like a day.

“Oh!” She turned around and noticed Evan getting out. She smiled and waved at him.

“It’s over.” He stated. She nodded happily. “I’m going back to Birmingham tonight.” Her smile dropped instantly. “It’s been quite an adventure but now that everything is over, I want to go back home. We don’t have to run from mafia as long as the police knows about us.” He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “We should have told them from the start.”

“So that’s where the adventure ends.” He nodded. “Will it be alright to go back like that?” He chuckled and patted her head.

“I’m relieved that everything’s over. It was fun while it lasted but now we have to go back to our lives. I have a lot to catch up at work and in school.”

“Right.” He had responsibilities and he wasn’t running away from them. He wanted to go back and work. He wasn’t like her. He wasn’t a coward.

They started to walk towards the closest bus stop. He was content and his behavior seemed brighter. She stopped and stared at his back until he got so far that she couldn’t make up his figure anymore. It hurt.


Evan arrived at the hotel a few minutes before she did. While he went upstairs to gather his belongings, she went to the bar and asked Scott for the strongest drink he had.

“Bad day? I heard you got arrested earlier today.” She drunk the whole glass in one go. Even Scott was surprised. She made a sign for him to pour another set. He complied still in awe.

“We got in trouble but it seems everything’s fine now. We can return to our common and boring lives.” She drunk the glass and dropped her head on the bar.

“Now, now. You can stay here and work.” She hummed and closed her eyes.

“He wants to go home. He has something to return to.” Scott raised an eyebrow and leaned closer to her head.

“What about you?” she raised her head so fast that she almost hit him in the chin.

“I’m lonely. I’ve always been lonely. No matter how many people I have around, ready to help me and talk to me, I feel so lonely.” Scott sighed. She was acting like such an innocent little girl. It was hard to imagine that she was the one who danced so tauntingly for the last few days.

“Then you should go home. Isn’t home supposed to be the place you belong to?” She chuckled and leaned her head on her right hand.

“I ran away from home a long time ago. Next time my father sees me, he will torture me.” She shuddered just thinking about her father. “He works in the army.” Scott’s eyes widened. Was that why she was so muscular? “I know what you’re thinking and no. I have nothing to do with the army.” He raised his hands in surrender.

“I didn’t say anything!” She stared at him for a few seconds before she laughed and patted his hand.
“Thanks for being so considerate with us. If you ever get in trouble, ask for Abigail Lincoln.” She got up and took another sip from the bottle.

“Where to ask?” She winked and put the bottle down.

“Wherever.” She smiled softly and walked upstairs. Scott was confused.


When Evan entered their hotel room, he didn’t imagine he would feel so nostalgic. He grabbed his bag and realized Abby had absolutely nothing but her cellphone and the clothes she had on her. She didn’t buy anything with the money she earned in the club. She was a weird girl anyway.

“So this is it.” He jumped when she walked behind him. He glanced at her over his shoulder and nodded.

“Are you ready to go?” She showed him her phone. She was ready. “Do you want to go? I can return on my own if you-“ She shook her head.

“There’s no reason for me to stay here anymore. Besides, I don’t want to see men inspecting me with their perverted eyes anymore.” She responded. Evan scoffed.

“Why did you accept then?” She rubbed her chin and thought what was her reason. It was quite simple actually.

“Because I’m a weird girl, aren’t I?” Suddenly, Evan felt bad. Maybe it was because she spoke with such an innocent tone or maybe because he told her that often without really knowing anything about her. “It’s alright. I enjoyed the time you called me weird.” She took a deep breath and linked her arm with his. “Let’s go back to Birmingham.” He was speechless. Something about her was different. She was acting differently, too.


The way back to Birmingham was event less. They couldn’t use the stolen car anymore so they had to take the bus. It was silent and Abby was not acting like herself. Evan frowned when he realized how much fun she had when they were runaways compared to now. She was listening music but wasn’t acting out a scene from a music video. She was acting normal, for once.  


He was trying to come up with a message for his friend. He had been gone for a week and a half and he had to inform her. They used to talk about everything and she called him a few times while he was in Portobello Beach. He didn’t respond. He couldn’t. It was so complicated and he didn’t want her to worry for him.

He already tried twice to type something but every time, it was so lame that it sounded like a lie. It was hard to express into words the last week and a half. It had been a collision of fun and worry and fear and surprise. It was a mix of extreme feelings and it only now dawned on him just how much happened so fast.   

He blinked when he felt something drop on his shoulder. He turned his head to the side and saw black hair. She fell asleep while listening to music. He chuckled when he realized who was there, next to him. She used to jump around and make a fool of herself. She was the person that emotionally blackmailed him into dancing that stupid choreography of hers. She was the same girl who did some amazing pole dances and attracted men like a pro. She knew how to handle them, though. She never asked him to protect her or act like her boyfriend. But somehow, everyone came to that conclusion. They had to kiss but she didn’t act intimidated and went with it. She was a brave young woman but she was also very weird at times.

While he was contemplating the time he spent with Abby, his phone vibrated. He jumped in surprise and threw her in the process. She hit her head on the window and woke up. She narrowed her eyes at him while he repeatedly apologized.

“Asshole.” She responded and leaned her head against the window before she went back to sleep. He blinked in surprise. She didn’t seem to be the same person anymore.


When they entered Birmingham, he woke her up. She stretched and hit him in the nose without a single care.

“So, where are you getting off?” It seemed her curiosity came back.

“My apartment is in Moseley.” She nodded and made a peace sign.

“Mine too. But that’s a given since we worked in the same store.” That made sense. “Do you live alone?” He nodded. “Me too. Though, it’s pretty much a dump.” Her eyes brightened and her smile widened. “Maybe we can visit each other and-“ He put a finger on her lips to silence her.

“We’re not going to visit each other. We’re not going to see each other ever again. What happened in the last week, we’re going to forget it all.” He smiled what looked to be a fake nice smile and went back to his phone.

Her smile dropped and she turned her head to the window. Her reflection showed what she had always been; a disappointment.


Once they got off the bus, she turned to take a last goodbye and maybe a hug. He took a step back when he saw her walk closer.

“Well, it was nice meeting you, Abby.” It was probably the first time he genuinely smiled at her. She nodded. He waved at her and walked down the street.

“Are you so happy to get rid of me?” She sighed and called someone. “Oi, bro. Can I spend a few days at your place?” The other person said something that made her cringe and move the phone away from her ear. “Yes, I got it. You were worried. Now, can I?” He agreed because she started to smile. “I’ll be there soon! Love you!” She took a last glance at the street Evan went before she turned her back and went on the opposite way. 

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