Wednesday, July 1, 2015

3. How They Danced

Evan didn't know where to go so he drove to Portobello Beach. They had to find a place to stay and something to eat.

Her eyes widened and sparkled when she saw the beach getting closer. She started to move in her seat in anticipation.

"I presume you haven't been here in a long time." She nodded. He parked the car and looked at her. "Come on. Go have fun. I'm going to come out in a few minutes too." She smiled widely and ran out of the car.

Evan sighed and leaned his head back. He drove the whole night. He was tired and wanted to sleep in his bed. He wanted to go home and forget anything ever happened.

He took his phone and searched through his contacts. He stopped at his friend's name and pondered his next move. He wanted to call her and explain to her everything but what for? He didn't want to get her involved. She was too precious to be seen in danger.

He took his bag and locked the doors. The wind blew his hair slightly. A girl who was jogging on that street got distracted by him and almost hit a tree.


The sight he faced when he got on the beach was not exactly what he was expecting. He rubbed the back of his head before he ventured into her world.
"What are you doing? You're making a fool out of yourself." She turned around very quickly and collided into him.

Truthfully, she wasn't doing much. She was just so full of energy that she started to jump around.
His face was annoying. He was such a boring guy. Being a specialist in IT was tiring and probably a lot of stress.

"You," She grabbed his cheeks in between her hands. "Need a life." He blinked in astonishment as she squished his cheeks and moved his head to the left and right.
He grabbed her hands and pulled them off.

"I have a life. It just doesn't have anything to do with you." He hit her lightly on the forehead and started to walk on the beach.

She caught up to him quickly and they fell into a welcomed silence. Until she started to talk, of course.

"We should find a job. We need more money for a hotel and food." He glanced at her warily. So now she was thinking about that.

"We'll have to use our best qualities." She approved. "What are you good at?"

"Dancing and singing." For a moment, he actually believed her.

"Let's see it then. Dance and sing." She blinked at him before she turned on her phone and searched for the right song. She put it down on the sand and waited for the song to start.

She started by not doing much. However, when the chorus began, she started to move her hands like she was a robot. He furrowed his eyebrows and took a step back. The worst part was yet to come. She started to shake her body twice to the left then do a quick shooting pose before doing the same to the right. As the chorus was moving on, she walked closer to him and started to shake her body again.

"Stop!" She watched him walk away from her. "We're not using that!" She frowned and took her phone.

"You haven't seen it all yet!" She started to run after him. He noticed it and started to run away from her. He didn't want to see more.


Evan was exhausted when they got back to the car. After she jumped on his back and started to laugh, she actually came up with new moves; couple moves. It was horrible.

"I don't understand if you are seriously foolish or you're just messing around with my head." She smiled cutely and raised two fingers.

"Both." He rolled his eyes and turned on the engine. He couldn't wait to find a cheap hotel and sleep. Their first day in Portobello Beach was spent only at the beach and doing nothing productive.


They found a cheap hotel in a place that looked a little creepy. The building was divided in two. The lower part was a club for men and the upper part was probably a love hotel. Evan decided to ignore that little detail. On the other hand, Abby was having the time of her life.

"I've never been in this kind of hotels before." She took a small pause and looked at him as if she wasn't going to judge him for getting them in there.

"Wh-No! I've never been in one before, either!" She blinked owlishly. "I'm serious. It's my first time in a love hotel." She raised her hands in surrender and walked in the bathroom.

He sighed and rubbed his forehead. She was assuming a lot of things and most of them were wrong. Besides, who was she to judge him? She was the one dancing with a broom in the middle of a crowded store. Well, maybe it wasn't crowded but still!

"I'm going to buy something for dinner. Don't-and I mean it- don't leave this room. It's for your own safety." She was showering while he was talking. When she got out and cracked the door a little, she was confused. He already left.

"What's for my own safety?" She tilted her head to the side and went back in the bathroom. She could entertain herself for an hour or two.


Playing on the bed and trying out porn movies wasn't exactly entertaining. She let one movie on just in case. However, when Evan entered the room, he got perplexed by the loud moans and groans. He sighed in relief when he realized it was the TV.

"You scared me for a moment there." She was laying on her back with her eyes closed. She didn't react until he shook her leg. "What are you doing?"

"I was listening to music and acting like a runaway. I was thinking about every bad thing I did and reconsidering it. Just like in a music video." Evan rolled his eyes. He turned off the TV and threw a sandwich at her.

"You have an obsession with music videos, don't you?" She shrugged. "So? Did you reconsider anything?" She nodded and smiled.

"I regret nothing." She winked and returned to her music.


Later that night, they had an interesting conversation about the club downstairs.

"They can hire us. We can be dancers or something. Let's show them and see what happens." Evan was petrified of that idea.

"Over my dead body."


Evan wasn't dead but he certainly felt like dying. Abby dragged him downstairs and asked for the manager. She told him they were dancers and had special moves. That quirked his interest mostly because he wanted something new in his club.

What she named dance was a collision of moves and bad taste. She played Beyonce's Crazy in Love and danced on the last chorus and bridge. The manager was amazed. While Evan was doing the moves with a face that said he wanted to dig a hole and hide in it, Abby was very confident. When they finished, they posed like gangsters which had no relevance whatsoever to their dance.

"That was interesting." He didn't know how to explain what he witnessed. "But we're not looking for that. But, if the lady wants, she can try the pole dance." The manager checked her out and nodded to himself. She was pretty and a little naive. That was perfect.

However, Evan didn't find that idea appealing at all. The manager noticed the change in Evan's eyes and behavior.

"You, young man, are tall and good looking. You can work at the bar and keep an eye out for your girlfriend." The culprits glanced at each other.

"Girlfriend?" They asked each other as if the manager wasn't even there.


"You shouldn't do it." She scoffed.

"I'm an adult. I can take decisions on my own. I will dance tonight and I will be careful. You be careful too." Evan blinked in astonishment as she walked out of their room, with a lot of courage but with few clothes on.

The show was not what Evan expected. But working at the bar was nice. His boss was young and liked to joke and flirt with the customers. Evan was stiff and wary.

"Relax, newbie. Make friends, drink a shot and enjoy the show. I heard there's someone new tonight; young and fresh."

"I know. She's my friend." The bartender stared at the newbie bemusedly.

"Then you should better take a strong drink. You see these men?" He pointed at the crowd in front of the stage. "She has to taunt them, make them want her no matter what." Evan cringed. At least it was Abby and not the girl he liked. Besides, she got herself into trouble. She agreed to the arrangements.

"Gentlemen and few ladies!" The public laughed. "Tonight, you will have the pleasure to watch a young talent show what she's made of! The mysterious Madame G!" The public clapped enthusiastically and whistled.

"Madame G?" Evan felt like slapping his forehead. She was an idiot and had bad taste in names too.
Shockingly, Abby was quite talented on stage. She was dressed in a latex outfit that showed her body. She wasn't perfect but she was fit. He could see the muscles on her legs and arms and the defined abs. He was impressed.

Her pole dancing skills were a surprise for everyone. Granted to her muscles, she could easily sway and move around the pole. She jumped on it and let herself back. She did a few more tricks before she disappeared behind the curtains.

While the public was cheering loudly, the bartender patted Evan's back proudly.

"You got yourself a good girlfriend." He frowned.

Why was everyone thinking that?


After she changed in normal clothes and thanked the staff, she went to search for her partner. Thanks to her costume and make up, no one recognized her in the club. Well, except Evan and the manager.

"You did awesome! That was a real dance!" She narrowed her eyes at him. He offended her choreography. "We pay well. You stay and work here and your boyfriend can work as a bartender. You attract clients and he attracts ladies. It's perfect!" The manager walked away happily and let the two lovebirds to talk.

"I didn't know you had it in you." She looked at her partner in crime and chuckled.

"Me neither. I just went with the flow." Evan watched her with mixed feelings. She was self confident and wasn't thinking before acting but she knew what she could do and what not; probably.

The next few days were amazing. By day, Evan and Abby were free to do whatever they wanted. She liked to go to the sea and watch it while listening to music. He liked to stay back and learn how to prepare drinks. The bartender, Scott was nice enough to teach him a lot of things. Evan had a talent that he didn't even know about. Besides, being a barista paid very well.

The manager was one of those dirty scumbags that had ulterior motives for everything. But, he enjoyed having two new kids to exploit. What he didn't know was their background.


It was Friday and the club wasn't opening until 10 pm. Abby made friends through the other dancers and they were very curious how her relationship worked. On the other side, Evan made friends with the other baristas and they were curious if they were indeed a couple. That was how they got cornered.

"Are you two really together? You don't spend any time with each other" They shrugged.

"We have different hobbies." Evan answered.

"But you don't act like a couple at all. You don't kiss, touch, flirt or even look each other in the eye. You two act like you met a few days ago by chance." They glanced at each other and gulped. That was kind of true.

Evan wrapped an arm around her and smiled down at her.

"We don't like skin ship, that's all." She smiled nervously and nodded. The rest weren't happy with that answer.

"Then kiss." Evan froze. However, Abby rose on her toes and gave him a peck on the lips. "Not like that! That was insignificant. Kiss for real." She gulped and looked at him. He was panicking inside his mind. She could see it in his eyes. "If you don't then-" Scott stopped and smirked.

Evan had no choice but do it. He looked straight into her eyes and leaned in. It started as a simple kiss but he deepened it. He grabbed her neck and pulled her closer. She was surprised he could be so blunt in his actions.

"Whooo finally. A real kiss!" While the rest were congratulating them for finally showing their affection, Evan continued to kiss her. It became quite intense and he slipped his tongue inside her mouth. "You can stop now and go find a room, thank you very much!" She pushed him away lightly and stared at him in a daze.


A few hours later, she went into her room to change. It was weird. She touched her lips and felt a tingling sensation. It made her smile unconsciously and that was bad. She shook her head quickly and sat on the bed.

With bad timing, Evan entered the room to get a break before real work. He wanted to take a shower as well. He walked past her without a problem.

After he was done, he walked back and found Abby in the same place. She didn't move an inch and didn't blink. He sighed and bent in front of her.

"Are you pretending to be in a music video again?" She blinked. He frowned. She wasn't listening to music. Her phone was on the table next to the TV. "Are you alright?" She raised her head and looked at him.

Without any of them understanding it, they started to lean closer to each other.

"Why are you leaning in?" She asked him in a blank tone. It didn't sound like her at all.

"I'm not. Why are you leaning in?" She blinked. That was so weird.

"The gravitation pushes me down." He raised an eyebrow and smirked in amusement.

"Then gravitation pushed me down when I kissed you too." She frowned. They were closing the space in between and were ready to kiss again. But the door opened widely and Abby turned her head towards it. Evan ended up kissing her cheek.

"Did I interrupt something?" The teasing tone in her voice made it obvious that she was not sorry at all for entering on them. "Anyway, there's someone here who wants to talk to you two. He's a detective." Their eyes widened and they looked at each other. They have been found.

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