Tuesday, June 9, 2015

6. Knowledge is Power

Once Zoe gave Ezekiel an answer, he gave up on prying into her life. She got up and ready to leave since it was pretty late. Ezekiel told her he was going to stay there for a few more hours and think.
She didn't want him, as young as he was, to get involved into the message so she gave him a little advice before she left.
“Hey, don’t think about it too much. That’s the whole point of it. As long as you ponder the possibility that it may mean something, it’s going to play with your mind.”
Ezekiel was disappointed that nothing really levelled up to his expectations. It wasn't the words or the meaning as much as the back story, which didn't exist.
Maybe a little riddle wasn’t going to hurt, she thought. He needed something to concentrate on and she should give him something.
“Can blood be black?” Zoe responded with another question. She smiled and waved before leaving the coffee shop.
“Black blood?” Ezekiel was already analysing her response in his head. When he found the answer, his eyes widened and he ruffled his hair. “Black blood!” It seemed he finally understood what she meant.

“You didn’t tell him anything worth knowing and even took his attention off the words on the wall with something insignificant.”
Ira shrugged innocently. It was already very late at night and those dark alleys were dangerous. But she wasn’t going to venture into any of them. She still wanted to stay out and think things over. It just happened that Mehrdir appeared and begun one of his annoying lessons about what's worth and what not.
“No. Knowing means getting in trouble.” She responded firmly making Mehrdir roll his eyes.
“Knowing means power. Don’t you watch any movies?”
Zoe just ignored him and walked towards the park. Unfortunately, the colorful park was really creepy at night. It was the best place to hide a serial killer; or a demon, it depended.
“Why are the dark fairies hiding from me?” She asked something that he didn't have the answer for.
Mehrdir got taken aback by her question. He stopped near a bench but didn't sit, only stared ahead expressionless.
“How should I know? Do I look like a babysitter to you?”
He did a mistake right there and she took the chance.
“Aren’t you babysitting me?” She taunted the demon.
His eyes widened and for once, he probably felt caged. She started to laugh at that mere thought. It was really easy to make fun of him; demon or not.
“For your information, this is not babysitting. It’s-“He didn’t really know what to say because he was kind of babysitting her in a way. But at the same time, it wasn’t like he signed up for the job. “It’s taking care of my interests. Yes. I’m investing right now.” He nodded and seemed pretty content with his response.
“Sure you do,” She chuckled and rubbed her hands together.
The greed demon noticed her rubbing her hands together and swaying from one foot to the other. She was cold. He really didn’t want to act nice when he just told her that she was just an investment but he could hear some mean whispers in the dark telling him to behave. Mehrdir sighed and covered her hands with his. Surprisingly, she started to feel warm.
“Open your hands.” Maybe it wasn't meant to be an order but it definitely sounded like one.
Anyway, Zoe complied. She had a little flame in each hand; instead of burning her skin, it made her feel warm. She smiled softly but avoided looking into his eyes.
“Yes, babysitter Mehrdir.”
She couldn’t see his face because he suddenly disappeared but she could imagine what kind of expression he made.

On the way back home she couldn’t shake off the little sparkle of happiness in her heart. Zoe was laughing by herself and it was all thanks to the greed demon.
“Ah, I should draw this and introduce it in Fallen,” She giggled childishly to herself.
Zoe had to pass the wall again but didn’t want to look at it because it held too much pressure and mystery. But the curiosity was too big. She walked closer and read the sentence, just in case something changed. It didn’t change at all.
“The inheritor. I never heard about an inheritor before.” She hummed and leaned closer.
A sudden light blinded her for a moment and she felt something being pushed into her mind. She backed off quickly and fell on her back.
When she got home, Zoe felt the urge to draw. She grabbed a few pieces of A4 paper and started to work.

Next morning, she got woken up by the doorbell. It was Alec. She didn’t understand what he wanted so early in the morning.
“The rest. We want to put it up on the web tonight.”
Zoe sighed and went in her room, already thinking of a way to explain why she didn’t really finish it. While she was trying to draw something quickly, she forgot about her new sketches.
Alec was walking around bored when he saw the sketches all over the couch. He grabbed one and analysed it. the woman in her sketches was the opposite of the angel in Fallen; it had a strange allure and Alec was sure he could use those in their advantage. That was the main reason he barged into her room and pointed at the sketch.
“This is awesome! So creative! Why didn’t you show this to me?!” She tilted her head to the side and yawned. “What’s her name?” He pushed the paper in her face. She furrowed her eyebrows together and tried to realize what he was talking about.
“She’s the commander of the Legions of Hell. I don’t know her name.” Alec nodded with new found excitement. She pushed his hand away and pushed the send button on her laptop. “Finished.”
“Great! We’ll use this unnamed woman too! She’s going to be a badass character!” He waved and left quickly. He even slammed the front door behind him.
“Great,” She rubbed her stomach and yawned again. “Wait-” She just realized what happened. “No. What did I draw last night?” She ran in the living room and watched her work. “What did I just create?”

“This is so wrong. I don’t even remember seeing this before.”
A few hours later, she was rambling by herself and trying to find an answer. She couldn’t even think clearly because she had an annoying headache.
“You should calm down. You’re going to make a hole in the ground.” She turned and stared furiously at the little ghost.
“You annoying little bastard. You just cause a lot of trouble back in the shop! And then you chose to disappear!”
Andy didn’t look apologetic at all. He had motive, therefore he didn't just choose to create havoc for the sake of it.Of course, he couldn't tell her anything because it wasn't about Hell and demons.
“He deserved it.He was prying into someone else’s business.” She could feel her headache getting worse.
“How old are you? 5 or maybe 10? Are you jealous that someone else will come and steal your toy?”
Andy glared at her and got ready to say something. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the chance because something scared him away.
“What now?!” She turned around and saw a tall guy with muscles and all that. She gulped and took a step back.
“You’re not very talkative now, are you?"The big guy chuckled and stretched. "You’re really loud. You scared my minions away.”The stranger continued.
She bit her tongue so she wouldn’t say something stupid back.
“You mean the dark fairies?” She repeated so she could understand. He nodded. “They didn’t leave because I scared them away. They just chose to hide from me.” He raised an eyebrow and stared at her bemusedly.
“And that is definitely not your fault. It’s theirs.” He was sarcastic. She narrowed her eyes at him but didn’t dare lecture him. “Look, Zoe Lestrade. The dark fairies are only seen as minions for bigger and better demons but that is not all they do. They are like the supernatural CIA. Fairies keep mankind safe from demons and other maleficent entities by doing specific chores.”
“I didn’t call them and I didn’t scare them. Do I look scary to you?” She asked, aware of the answer.
The big guy decided not to respond. She was actually looking really weak and she was short compared to him; that didn’t help at all.
“I take that as a no. Now please leave the same way you got in.” Zoe started.
“Listen Zoe, Mehrdir won’t be around you forever. He has other places to go to. New demons will appear around you and not all of them are trustworthy.”
She raised an eyebrow and walked into the kitchen. He followed her silently.
“Is that why you’re here?”
“No. I’m not a demon. I’m a dark fairy.” She glanced at him over her shoulder. From the bottom to the top, he was quite well built and didn’t seem to have any make up on his face. “I am!” He exclaimed. Zoe wasn’t so sure. He sighed and changed into the little annoying flying fairies. “Do you believe me now?” He flied in front of her and kicked her in the forehead.
“Ow! Fine, you’re a dark fairy.” She backed off and rubbed the spot he hit. It actually hurt.
He rolled his eyes and flied closer to her. The transformation from a little flying thing to a tall man was quite interesting. He was morphing from practically nothing into a human, starting with legs and ending with a dark messy bundle of hair.
“As a matter of fact, I am a very important dark fairy. I’m the head of the information branch. I bring and give information to different demons and to the Princes.”
She sat at the table with a cup of tea and looked at him sceptically. It was really funny how much he could boast about his position; which practically meant close to nothing for her.
“So you’re here to gather or give information?” He stopped and blinked.
“Both, I think. Anyway, demons will come your way. They will mess around first, because that’s what they do. However, you must not fight against them. They will help you even if they might kill someone else in the process.” That didn’t sound reassuring at all.
“So demons help me but they kill everyone else,” He nodded slowly. “Because that makes perfect sense.”
“Just listen to me. Don’t try to save anyone because that’s bad news for you. Just, be yourself.”
Yeah, because that was a perfect way of making her trust and believe his words. He changed into a fairy and flied out through the window. She was gaping at the whole scene.
“And I thought I described the dark fairies too bad. Actually, it’s so accurate.”

Later that night, Zoe was in her room, working. She got new inspiration for a new chapter. It was better to sketch it before Alec called. After she finished, she started to surf the internet.
“Let’s see if we can find something about that hole,”
The answers she received were a lot. The internet was full of things about demons. She found a forum with people who believed that the Anarchy of Angels wasn’t going to protect humanity against the Legions of Hell.
“Too much imagination, people.”
She strolled down until she read a comment that intrigued her. There was even a link towards a YouTube video of the hole.
Throughout the video, she couldn’t really hear anything weird. People were right and there were voices coming from the hole in the ground but it didn’t seem logical at all. Why was the hole in America? And why was it in the ground? There were so many possibilities. And why wasn’t it sealed by the Vatican? So many questions and theories and there was none that sounded remotely true.
After that video, she tried not to get intimidated by all those scary illusion that humans go through. It was dark in her apartment and it was deadly silent. Besides, she already met demons and she could see ghosts. There was nothing she had to be afraid of.
Of course, that didn’t mean a thing when she heard the door in the kitchen open slowly. She wasn’t scared but she didn’t feel like getting out of her room either. Zoe gulped and returned her attention on the screen, kind of expecting some face to pop up but it didn’t. That was worse. Her heart was beating gradually faster but she was definitely not scared.
Zoe heard the sound of someone walking, getting closer to her room. She heard the door open with a scary cracking sound. She heard that as long as she wasn’t going to look at it, nothing was going to happen. Of course, those were stories.
She felt a cold breeze and next, her chair got turned around. She was expecting something monstrous with big fangs and stinky breath and definitely didn’t expect a handsome young man with a flirty smirk.
“Say hello to your new babysitter~”

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