Sunday, June 14, 2015

1. How It Happened

Listening to music while swiping off the floor was probably not a good idea. Being completely oblivious to who walked in and out of the store was not good either. But how could she act responsible when nothing ever happened in that neighborhood? It was just an ordinary day, in an ordinary city.

The cashier was watching her closely. She wasn't even swiping the floor correctly. She was listening to music really loud and was using the broom as a stick. She was dancing and she was bad at it. She was mouthing the lyrics and chewing gum. The cashier shook his head dismissively.

"You're done for today, Evan." The boy sighed in relief and put down his hat. He went in the back to get his things and left his boss with the girl.

She didn't even see him entering the store. She was too busy waving her hands around. She was perplexed when she hit her boss. She pulled one earphone out and made a balloon with the gum.

"Oh, hey boss. You came in early today." He narrowed his eyes at her.

"Is that why I pay you, Abby? If I wanted you to offer a show to the customers, I would have told you." She only blew the gum in his face. The old man rolled his eyes before he pushed her towards a shelf. "Clean." She rolled her eyes but did her job.

While it was still silent, three men entered the store. They were dressed in suits and seemed quite decent. Abby watched curiously as the three men stopped in front of her boss. He looked a little intimidated.

"Dewy, Dewy, Dewy. I thought you were smarter than that." She raised an eyebrow. She wasn't sure what was going on.

At that moment, Evan was opening the door to the backroom. He noticed the men and figured out what kind of people were they. He sneaked out really slowly and hid behind the counter.

"Look, I said I was going to pay in time. The month isn't up yet." The leader of the pack chuckled darkly.

"That's the thing, Dewy. I don't make the rules;" He slapped his hands together and pointed upwards. "He does." He glanced at Abby. She was a few feet from them. "Come here, kid." She gulped. He narrowed his eyes at her and she complied. "You see this guy here. Does he look trustworthy to you?" She glanced at her boss from the corner of her eye.

"Not really. He always cuts my salary" The suit man laughed loudly before he made a gun with his hand. He pointed it at the boss.

"You little-" The manager didn't have time to scold his employee.

"Bam" The manager closed his eyes. Nothing happened so he thought he was safe.

A loud shooting sound echoed through the whole store. Evan, who was hiding behind the counter, flinched. He tried to keep silent so no one would actually notice him. His life was precious.

When the shot went through the manager's head, blood got spilled on Abby's cheek. Her eyes were wide and her heart stopped for a minute. She turned to the three men and gulped. The only thought running through her head was that she was soon going to join her boss on the floor.

"You're not half bad, kid. You'd bring good money if you'd get a proper training" The leader was checking her out. She got goose bumps. It felt like a wolf was checking his prey hungrily. It made her sick.

The men got distracted by a crashing shelf. The leader told his men to check it out. Evan couldn't stand there and do nothing. Someone already died. He stuck his head up and made a sign with his head towards the door. Luckily, she noticed and understood. She needed a way to make the leader check something himself.

Well, she spit the gum in his eye. That made him busy for a few seconds but enough to give her a chance to run. Evan grabbed her hand and they ran out of the store. They could hear the gunshots and the angry screams behind. Abby glanced over her shoulder to see what was happening. The two men were running after them.

"We're too slow! They're going to catch up! Or even worse! Call for backup!" Evan was panicking enough. She didn't have to add more fuel to the fire.

"We have to steal a car!" She stopped behind him and stared at him like he was an idiot. "We have to! Do you want to get caught? They're going to kill me and make you a prostitute!" She gulped and realized just how bad it was. She nodded quickly and followed him.

They didn't have a choice. They ran in the middle of the street and stopped in front of a car. Evan forcefully grabbed someone and pushed him out of his car. Abby hurried in the passenger seat.

"Go!Go!" She screamed once she got in.

The man screamed and almost hit Evan while he was trying to protect his car. That didn't work and Evan drove as fast as he could. The common man started to run after them but they were moving too fast. His car was gone.

"Oh my God." She sighed in relief. They could finally breath and relax for a little while.

"I think we lost them for now." Abby nodded eagerly. Her behavior suddenly changed. Her eyes were shining and she looked excited instead of being scared.

"Wasn't that amazing?" Evan frowned. "We had out first meeting with mafia." She bit her lip and slapped his arm.

"Are you crazy? We witnessed our boss being killed. They won't let us go easily. If they see us, they kill us." She sighed dreamily.

"I know. It feels like I'm dreaming. One minute he was there and next-" She slapped her hands together loudly. "Bam! He's dead and-" She remembered the blood on her cheek and wiped it off. "Isn't this just crazy?!" She was really enjoying it.

"You're crazy. Have you not understood what happened? They're going to kill us if they ever catch a glimpse of our faces!" He was still panicking. He was a nice guy who worked three jobs to pay his scholarship. Being dragged into a misunderstanding with the mob and being in a car with an insane girl wasn't
exactly the way he wanted to spend the night.

"Calm down. We lost them. We're safe." She seemed to have calmed down. The adrenaline was probably fading and she was finally thinking how serious it was.

"For now." He sighed and stopped over. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in. Abby blinked curiously when he dropped his head on the steering wheel. "We're so doomed!" Suddenly, her phone rung. They glanced at each other suspiciously. She responded while Evan was staring intensely at her.

"Hello?" The voice on the other side was deep and dangerous.

"Abigail Lincoln and Evan Graham," Her eyes widened. "Do you know the number one rule in my business?" It was the boss of the leader. She was sure of that. He sounded like he was smoking while talking to her because he was taking short breaks while speaking. "Never leave witnesses." She gulped and squeezed the phone. "Let's keep in touch." He hung up.

"Who was that?" She couldn't look him in the eye. Even though she was acting all brave a few minutes ago, the color in her cheeks and the glint in her eyes disappeared. She was trembling slightly and was swaying from side to side.

"We're doomed." Evan groaned and dropped his head back on the steering wheel.

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